Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tis a Wee Garden Gnome!

Ruby was a Garden Gnome this year. I made the costume and finished it about 3 weeks ago. I's like Haley's Comet and will only happen again in another 37 years. At any rate, I thinkit turned out really cute. Ruby didn't want to wear it at first until she learned that with it, she could get copious amounts of sugar. Once she figured this out, she wouldn't take it off.

We joined our pals at Glow Bowl (bowling with black lights - fun!) and took 2nd (that's right!) in the costume contest. We lost to Hank the Alien and couldn't begrudge him too much because...well...look how cute he was!!I was a half-blind pregnant cat (I lost a contact this week) and Dustin went as a hockey player. Not the most creative but it's all about the kids, right? Then it was back home for dinner with the aunties and Ari and off to Trick-0r-Treat. Ruby was WAY into it and went running from house to house shouting "trick-or-treat!", "Thank you!" and "Happy Halloween!" At one point, after leaving the fourth house she suddenly burst into a spontaneous squeal of joy. Yeah...she was loving it! She also enjoyed seeing the dogs at the houses, of course. Now I just hope she doesn't think she can do this every night!
Knocking on doors

The three ladies, Ari Bumblebee, Ruby Gnome and Kayla Ladybug Girl ready for a night of fun.

Happy Halloween!

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