Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun in the Fall

Ugh..I cannot believe we are already half way through November! Last I looked it was August... Anyway, the weather has turned and we've had some really beautiful fall days as well as some incredible rain storms. We try to get out of the house as much as possible but some days it's really too cold. Ruby, of course, has all the right gear! Ruby has begun using more complex sentences like, "I need to do this because this is what happened," etc. She also uses some incredible intonations and uses her hands to talk and if I could ever get it on video you would die, it's so cute. She's also incredibly helpful, feeding the cats when their bowls are empty, taking her dishes to the kitchen and helping with the dishes (I do have a video of that to soon follow). She really loves to do whatever it is that I am doing so I have to find ways for her to help without making an even bigger mess. Ha ha ha! Well, I try anyway.... I am mostly just concerned with her continuing to want to help so I try not to be too bossy. Then again, this is me we are talking about and there are some areas where I just don't like to share (i.e. cooking) so it's a good challenge for me to be more flexible. Ruby is also working on her independence and doesn't shy away from telling you to get the heck away from her. "Don't touch my hair, Mommy!" is often the reaction I get when I try to pull it away from her face. However, she is starting to get the hang of the whole sharing thing and with a little encouragement will willingly take turns with toys. She also likes to share her snacks, "Can I offer you a cracker?" That being said, we still are working on her flipping out and screeching when things aren't going quite her way vs saying what she needs or wants. Ah..the 3's...definitely ramped up from the 2's. We are busy getting ready for the new baby, organizing, cleaning and list-making. I have been doing as much nesting as I can tolerate in addition to trying to get ready for the impending holidays. At the end of the day, I am TIRED but still have 25 more things on my list for the day. Typical. Some have requested a photo so I am including the rare picture of me and my gigantic belly at 32 weeks. Before you ask:
  1. NO, it's not twins
  2. No, it's not triplets
  3. No, the baby isn't already 10 lbs
  4. No, I am not due any day now
  5. Yes, I am sure


Jake and Olivia's mom said...

You are gaw-gess honey!

Keith and Amy said...

You look beautiful, Lupine, and Ruby, as always is a doll. Keep up the excellent and simultaneous parenting and incubating :)

Monica said...