Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Festivities

On Sunday, a church near our house had a fall festival. We walked down to the festival along with Dara and Kayla and Ari and Monica to check it out. Our pal Karen was there leading the pony rides so we stood in line and waited to see if Ruby would fare better with this pony ride than the last. They had a smaller pony at this one and they buckled her in so it was less scary. Kayly also got her turn with Princess as did Ari. Here's our little cowgirl, happy as can be on Princess the pony: After checking out the other things the festival had to offer, we headed over to Dustin's boss's house for some old fashioned apple cider pressing. The girls picked up some delicious apples. I don't know why, but I love to see Ruby eating an apple. There's just something about it.... The girls also tried their hand at working the press and then...fresh hot apple cider. Delicious!! Given that we were all feeling pretty tired, we took the bus back home. Ruby hasn't been on a bus since she was a baby so it was an exciting experience and we had to sing "Wheels on the Bus" of course! Aren't they a sweet little bunch? Ruby passed out when we got home. We know how to wear a kid out!

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