Monday, September 21, 2009

Mommy, That's RED!

Ah, we are squeezing the last bits of life out of summer. With at least 3 more beautiful days on the horizon, we are trying to build our store of Vitamin D and spend as much time out of doors as is possible. Ruby looooves the merry-go-round at the park and I am grateful that there are at least a few of these still in existence since they've apparently been deemed "too dangerous" by some. Whatever. If you haven't flown off of one of these things you just haven't lived nor have you learned first-hand about centrifugal force. The Dad is trying to teach Ruby other important lessons in physics such as "pumping" on the big swing. It's a lot of coordination but to give her credit, she does work really hard at it! Children of this age seem to get fixated on one or two things. One of Ruby's current obsessions is her flower light above her bed. This is a big pink flower (about a foot across) that lights up that was purchased at Ikea. It's not very bright but bright enough to bathe her bed in a hot pink light. She insists on having it on every night before she goes to sleep. When we go to turn it on after she's sleeping, we are reminded of this episode of Seinfleld. Her other obsession is with naming shapes and colors. She is constantly letting us know when she sees triangles, squares, crescents and semi-circles among others. She's also become quite the backseat driver now that she knows that the lights change colors. I am often prompted from the back, "Mommy it's GREEN!!" or "Mommy, that's RED!" She also likes to sing this little ditty she learned from Grandma Genie:
Red means stop
Green means go
Look at the light
And then you'll know
I am looking forward to seeing what the next round of obsessions will bring!

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