Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Farm Kids

While I worked, Ruby hit the farm with her pals, Kayla, Hank and Eva. They learned about butterflies, got to pick some kind of leafy thing, pet goats and go on a hayride. Even though I missed the outing, I did get some awesome pics including this one. I hear it was quite the exercise getting these 4 together and looking at the camera but it's all worth it to me. Just look at those sweet faces!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mommy, That's RED!

Ah, we are squeezing the last bits of life out of summer. With at least 3 more beautiful days on the horizon, we are trying to build our store of Vitamin D and spend as much time out of doors as is possible. Ruby looooves the merry-go-round at the park and I am grateful that there are at least a few of these still in existence since they've apparently been deemed "too dangerous" by some. Whatever. If you haven't flown off of one of these things you just haven't lived nor have you learned first-hand about centrifugal force. The Dad is trying to teach Ruby other important lessons in physics such as "pumping" on the big swing. It's a lot of coordination but to give her credit, she does work really hard at it! Children of this age seem to get fixated on one or two things. One of Ruby's current obsessions is her flower light above her bed. This is a big pink flower (about a foot across) that lights up that was purchased at Ikea. It's not very bright but bright enough to bathe her bed in a hot pink light. She insists on having it on every night before she goes to sleep. When we go to turn it on after she's sleeping, we are reminded of this episode of Seinfleld. Her other obsession is with naming shapes and colors. She is constantly letting us know when she sees triangles, squares, crescents and semi-circles among others. She's also become quite the backseat driver now that she knows that the lights change colors. I am often prompted from the back, "Mommy it's GREEN!!" or "Mommy, that's RED!" She also likes to sing this little ditty she learned from Grandma Genie:
Red means stop
Green means go
Look at the light
And then you'll know
I am looking forward to seeing what the next round of obsessions will bring!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching Up

It's been really busy these past few weeks...doing what, I can't really say. So, my posting has been a little spotty but we are back on track! So, a quick review of August! We had a wonderful visit with cousin Sienna. She and Ruby hit it off beautifully and Sienna was a great help with her, reading her books, helping her with her bath and getting her ready for bed. We went camping one weekend and she and Ruby, being the only kids, entertained each other and enjoyed the scenery.
Mmmm...Corn with handles!
I was off work for a full week because the library was closed due to budget cuts. Though the loss of one week's pay as well as a week's worth of library service was difficult, it was nice to have some time to catch up around the house. My mom was on furlough too so she came up and helped out and we were able to can peaches and she made tomato soup and spaghetti sauce - Yum! Ruby loved having her Grandma Genie around! Ruby played a lot with her little friends. Here are the two girls, Ruby and Kayla, playing train in some boxes. Boxes are the ultimate toy! She also got a good playdate in with Carden. Here are the three of them being thoroughly entertained watching a fly that was trapped between the screen and window. Who needs tv? We had some cool temps and rain, prepping us for fall but we are now back to summer! Thank goodness -- we were not ready to say goodbye to sunshine and clear skies!

Ruby has been singing a lot. Her favorites are the Slippery Fish song, Twinkle Little Star, ABC song and Jingle Bells is still in heavy rotation. However, she's also added some songs of her own that she's made up and loves to listen to The Beatles' Let it Be album as she falls asleep. You have never seen a prouder papa when she identifies and requests the Beatles! Good taste girl!

As she approaches three, she is getting more savvy about things around her. She knows most of her colors and shapes, counts to ten in English and Spanish and can identify about 5 letters of the alphabet. She also loves making comparisons to things i.e. "Just like Daddy's!" (her hat). When she sees the baseball stadium she calls it, "Daddy's baseball," and she is obsessed with washing her hands, probably not a bad thing in these times of the swine flu.

One thing that Ruby has done a few times (and where we fight to remain serious and not laugh) is put herself in time-out. On three separate occasions, she's gotten frustrated and hit or tried to hit someone. Once it was me, once it was Ari and the last time it was Dustin. Each time, immediately after she did it, she hung her head and said, "I need to go to time-out," and gone off to her room where she remains for about 20 seconds and then announces, "I'm done!" She then came out and gave kisses and apologies for the target of her frustration. Nice to see that she recognizes that she's done wrong and needs some time away but hopefully this will someday translate to doing the time-out first, before the lashing out.

Well, that's a quick run-down of the current events. Potty training is scaled waaaaaaaaaay back and we are just looking for signs. I am getting bigger and bigger and feeling this new little girl's kicks and body rolls. I promise to have more frequent updates!

More soon!