Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Pics

Oh, I am so remiss in posting but here are a few more pics from July and early August. We had a great visit from Stellie, Ruby's cousin this July. Every morning, Ruby would go in and look for Stellie and keeps asking where she is. Unfortunately, Stellie was rocking crutches because she broke her leg, so we were more slow moving on this trip than normal. However, we still managed to pack in the zoo, trips to Stellie's favorite eateries and lots of trips to the park!
Ruby and Stellie at the park
Grandma Genie also came to town and gave Ruby some lovin'. Here they are reading a story together (Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman):

We were also lucky to have a spur-of-the-moment visit from my friend Luke and his daughter, Annie. I hadn't ever met Annie so it was great to meet her. Ruby and Annie hit it off right away!

We have been having lots of fun with the kiddos in the 'hood. Ruby and Carden regularly ask for each other and love to play together. Here they re-enacting The Carpenters:

This past weekend, Ruby and I took a trip to the zoo with my friend Shannon. Ruby kept asking for Koko so we spent a lot of time at the gorilla exhibit where we watched mama gorilla eat her own throw-up over and over (yeah, nice but the kids were lovin' it!). Ruby kept saying, "Ew! Gross!" but we could barely tear her away from watching that and the baby and the big silverback. She was also very impressed with the penguins and, though a little nervous at first about sitting near these little windows, warmed up to it as she watched the little guys swim right by her face. More summer fun to come!

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