Sunday, August 23, 2009

Potty Wars Part I

It's my parenting Waterloo.

We attempted our potty weekend, hoping that we'd make some kind of headway and at least get this process started but we were faced with some obstacles to our success are facing a big fat FAIL for our efforts.

  1. First, we weren't able to start first thing on Friday am and while we did talk about it ad nauseum for weeks ahead of time, we couldn't get the thing going until after we dropped Sienna at the airport.

  2. Friday, she woke up with a cough that developed into full-on croup, including a midnight trip to the emergency room. We had to put a diaper on her at that point since I couldn't see having her pee all over the floor at the hospital. So much for consistency. Did I bring a diaper with me to the emergency room other than the one I put on her? I did not. Did she fill her diaper with poop one hour into the three and half hour emergency room visit? Yes she did.

  3. Saturday she was clearly not feeling well but we continued working on all of that crap (bitter? moi?) that you read about in books: treats, positive feedback, no criticism of misses, talking about the potty, potty dances, potty books etc. In a fit of desperation, I ran to Target and bought a doll that pees (it was Baby Alive who I wanted desperately when I was a kid but my mom said the good thing about dolls is that they DON'T pee and well..she was right). She loves playing with the doll and putting her on the potty but not so much for herself.

Still, here we are in the middle of day three after many hours of Elmo, many cups of chocolate milk and she still does not care. She doesn't care about wet pants, poopy pants, she doesn't care that she just peed all over Elmo. She's happy about the treat she gets but thus far has not connected the two events.

So, where does this leave us? Give up? Continue? Do it half-assed? Invent a time travel machine so that my grandma could potty train Ruby in the outhouse as she did with me? I don't know at this point. I just know I am ready to put this weekend behind me and focus on a better one and find better strategies that work for us to get this going.


Jake and Olivia's mom said...

I know you're getting advice from all directions...but sticker charts with a reward at the end worked for us. Don't make the chart too long at first, only five or six stickers and then off to the dollar store! BTW, potty training was THE MOST CHALLENGING thing I've faced as a mother so far, I'm not going to sugar coat it!

Infant Bibliophile said...

I keep stalling the inevitable naked weekend/week too! Good luck! We bought the on the toilet attachment and the little stand alone potty. The little one is useless for us because he just gets up and runs around. He won't stay on it for a minute. With the big one, at least once I get him up there, he's a little stuck, so I can cajole him into reading some books and trying to go. But eventually he just starts with the "all done!" and we give up. He was doing great, but now the first thing he says as he starts to poop is "diaper!" because he doesn't want us to put him on the potty to go. How they can prefer to poop in their pants is beyond me.