Sunday, July 12, 2009


The three of us took a trip to Idaho to spend the fourth with the grandmas and cousins. We got to meet Hannah, Jack's little sister for the first time and Ruby got to see some fantastic fireworks.

We arrived on the evening of the 2nd after a short little flight and settled in. The next day, Jack, Hannah and Auntie Amy came over and the kids went to feed Grandma Genie's chickens and played with bubbles. It was so hot that we didn't spend too much time outside in Grandma's beautiful yard but we did see all of her great flowers and partake in some yummy veggies. We had a big dinner at her place on Friday with Grandma Grace and Grandpa Jack, fresh from a trip to the Netherlands, as well as Grandma Rita who came up for the weekend. Then on Saturday, the actual 4th, we had a great dinner at Amy and Bruce's house. There was a pool and a tent set up in Jack's yard and Ruby and Jack were having a ball. It was the first time they've actually played together rather than alongside each other.

Uncle Harley and his girlfriend, Danielle, also joined us. Ruby was SO excited to see Uncle Harley! As it got dark and the kids got tired, we gave them a bath and took Ruby home. There were fireworks going off everywhere as we went back to Grandma Genie's. Ruby kept saying, "Where are the fireworks Daddy?" When we got back to the house, the neighbor had a bunch of fireworks he was setting off so Ruby and her Dad sat out and watched them. Ruby LOVED it. "Oh my gosh!" and "Awesome!" were her two most popular comments as she ate a creamsicle and enjoyed a fabulous 4th. At 11pm she crawled into her bed and fell sound asleep.

It was a fun little vacation. Now we await the arrival of Cousin Stellie and Grandma Genie to our house! Yay!

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