Monday, June 15, 2009

Summertime Playtime

Though summer is not officially here in the PNW, we are still pretending it is. Who cares if it's only 65 degrees? And because Ruby is spending more time outside, it also means she's spending more time in the bath. Here she is after going to town with her bathtub fingerpaints that Uncle Harley gave her for Christmas. Very abstract! The park is a frequent destination and we've even gone to some other parks besides the beloved, "Castle Park" (the one 4 blocks from our house) that Ruby requests to go to on a daily basis. We went to one on Alki with our friend Sam & his mom, Amy (who just moved away - sniff) and the kiddos had a wonderful time digging in the dirt, playing on the boat and hitting the swings. Here they are: After spending the afternoon with Hank, he and Ruby took a bubble bath together. They were really cute trying to blow bubbles on each other. One afternoon, Ruby and I went to get pedicures with Dara and Kayla..well, Dara and I went to get pedicures and Ruby and Kayla went along for the ride...or so we thought. Ruby used to always come with me to get my pedicure and the ladies at the salon just love her. However, I was a little wary about doing it now that she's older and more inclined to want to run around but I needn't have worried. She was completely in awe of what was going on and just sat quietly on my lap. The nice woman doing my nails then decided to give Ruby a pedi while we were waiting for mine to dry. Here is the result and let me tell you, Ruby was THRILLED to pieces. But what girl wouldn't be with hot pink nails and a flower?!? Ruby is very independent of late and demands to "Do it yourself!" with everything especially getting dressed. She does not like me to help her at all. Trouble is, sometimes she's painfully slow so impatient mama who would like to get out of the house in the next hour tries to help and that is just not working for our girl. I try to give her as much leeway as possible but if there's too much lollygagging, I often have to step in and push her along a bit. Nothing beats her proud little face as she announces, "I did it!" after getting her shirt and shoes on though. Ruby is also quite the little mimic and will repeat almost anything you say. Yesterday, we had this exchange: Me: Hmmm..I wonder where my little green bag is? Ruby: Where's green bag? Me: I don't know. I'm asking you. Ruby: No Mommy, I'm asking YOU! (Repeat these last two lines 3-4 times) Oh boy...what next?

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