Thursday, May 28, 2009

"That Your...?"

That your swimsuit? That your hat?
Ruby has become quite the chatterbox. Her favorite thing of late is to provide commentary on what you are wearing or have around you in the form of a question. A toddler Jeopardy, if you will. "That your hat? That your pants? That your shirt? That Steve's purse? That Ari's carseat? That your shoe?" etc etc etc. She is also now Miss Independent. A common refrain is, "MYSELF!!" as she buckles her seatbelt, puts on her jacket and diapers her baby. She is quite adept at dressing herself and frequently comes out of her room totally dressed.

Ruby also has a new joke that she loves to tell over and over, courtesy of this book that she got from the library. "Guess what? Chicken butt! I got you!" and then laughs hysterically. Sometimes she mixes it up and says "chicken underwear" instead or combines it with her cow joke. A regular comedienne we got here. Well, we can't say she doesn't come by it honestly!


Jake and Olivia's mom said...

Oh, I love that swimsuit! Pink and brown is a fav combo.

Dara said...

Steve's purse? Sorry Steve but that is just funny!