Monday, May 18, 2009

New Hampshire Visit

Rundown of our trip, alas, somewhat belated. We took a redeye to Boston, hoping and praying that Ruby would sleep. She did! I did not, but that's another story. Remember the last time I flew and nearly killed myself and Ruby falling all over the airport? Well, I got the Go-Go Kidz and let me tell you, it was worth every penny and I wish we had gotten it sooner. We just strapped Ruby in her seat, which was attached to this cart, and just wheeled her through the airport. If you travel with kids and don't have one, you should get one stat.

Anyway, we arrived safe and sound, albeit tired, on the morning of May 2nd and spent the day resting and playing. Papa Norm had gotten out all of Dustin and his brother's old Tonka trucks and toys for Ruby to play with. Not only did Ruby enjoy "play with trucks" time, so did the boys. When Uncle Aaron and Auntie Carol got there, it was time for gifty gifts. Uncle Hal and Aunt Shirley got Ruby all fixed up in some very cool Roots gear and Aaron and Carol got Ruby a sweet rain coat. Ruby's face (I wish I'd captured it) was one of pure joy as she opened her clothes. I didn't know that this started so early! Here is a small taste of her glee: Papa and Grandma also got Ruby some awesome duds and some balls, Ruby's favorite next to rocks. Here is Papa teaching her some skills: She also got these sweet sunglasses and by sweet, I mean totally awesome: Did I mention Ruby was spoiled rotten on this trip and loved every second of it? Papa slipped her a chocolate lolly shaped like....well, I have no idea. She ate that thing like it was her job. Here she is with Papa marveling at her good fortune to get chocolate before dinner: Too be continued....

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