Monday, May 18, 2009

New Hampshire Visit Continued

Ruby got to see a lot of people on this trip, not just grandmas and great-grandmas. She got to meet her great-aunt and uncle, Hal and Shirley for the first time. They came all the way from Canada to visit. Best part was her learning their names and saying, "Hi Hal!" and "Hi Shirley!" She couldn't quite get out the aunt and uncle part but she'll get there!
Ruby and Great-Uncle Hal and Great-Aunt Shirley
Ruby has a new cousin, Kierin who was born in March. Oh she was in love with the baby. At first she kept calling Kierin, Ari but she soon realized this was a different baby and just wanted to kiss her and cover her up and show her things. Ruby had some good laughs with Big A and loved visiting with him and her Auntie Carol.
Ruby, Kierin, "Big A" and Auntie Carol
Ruby giving Kierin mimos (loves)
Ruby's other uncle was also in town from Houston. Ruby quite enjoyed hanging with Uncle Jay aka Jaybird and even got him to give her some snuggle time one evening. Since it was a 3 hour time difference from here in Seattle, we didn't try to adjust Ruby to the new time zone and just kind of winged it. Hence her naps and bedtimes (and waking up times!) were quite a bit later than they would be here. She did great with the adjustments and didn't have any problem getting to sleep, even in a somewhat unfamiliar setting. In fact, one night we were all sitting around chatting and carrying on and Ruby came by and started giving everyone kisses and then said, "Night night!" and began heading upstairs all by herself. She was ready for bed and she wasn't waiting for her slow mama to get on the stick! Unfortunately, she didn't continue doing this after we got home. Oh well.
Ruby and Jaybird
Ruby and I went shopping with Aunt Shirley one morning and we made her try on this hat. Rodeo Queen!
After all of our adventures and good times, we piled onto the airplane and headed back home. It was a late flight, about 100 degrees on the plane and Ruby and I were both sick so it was a rough kind of flight. Thankfully, we got a ride from our sweet neighbors and made it home with all of our luggage and got to pile right into bed when we got home.

It was really a lovely trip and we are really grateful to everyone for making it so. Ruby has so many wonderful, smart, funny, loving and amazing people in her life!

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