Friday, May 15, 2009

Gramma-Rama Part Deux

Sorry for the long time between posts. We got back from a trip to the East coast and it's take me this long to get back into the swing of things. Anyway, without further ado, it's Gramma-Ramma Part Deux! Yes, it was another trip full of grandma love - what a lucky girl to have so many amazing grandmas!

She adored Grandma Ruth and loved being her helper. She washed crimes (clams) and mushrooms, helped set the table and with the lobster salad for the lobster rolls (oh did we eat good on this trip!).
Helping Grandma with lobster salad
Ruby was also fortunate that her Great-Grandma Bette was able to make the trip up from Connecticut for a quick visit. The last time Ruby saw her, she was not quite a year old and only crawling. Ruby loved hearing her Grandma Bette's songs and showing her all of her new words.
Grandma Bette and Ruby
We also made a day trip to Vermont to visit Ruby's other Great-Grandma, Grandma Gavin. This trip we made with Ruby's new cousin, Kierin and we had a lovely visit with Grandma Gavin as well as a delicious lunch at Friendly's. Ruby was sort of done with things by the time lunch time rolled around and started tossing her broccoli around but other than that (that's it?) she was well-behaved. She did LOVE Grandma's cat because unlike the other kitties she encountered, this one actually enjoyed the attentions of a 2 year old.

Dad, Ruby, Grandma Gavin and Kierin

Yes, Ruby has a lot of wonderful grandmas and she had such a wonderful time visiting with them. She is still talking about washing the crimes and helping with chicken with Grandma and I know she can't wait to see them again.

There are more pictures and stories to share including stories of Papa, Jaybird and Big A, not to mention the new cousin and other adventures. To be continued.....

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