Saturday, April 4, 2009

Setbacks and My Dirty Little Secret

So, we had a small setback with the chupa chup. Last Saturday was horrible and rainy and I was grumpy because I felt trapped in the house with a mountain of housework. I tried to make the best of it (and indeed, I turned the house back into a livable space) especially as my dear husband worked outside all day long, building another garden box and planting peas. When naptime rolled around, I really really needed a break. I put Ruby down at 12:30. At 2:30, after numerous admonitions to go back to bed, Ruby was still roaming around her room, dragging things all over and doing anything but sleep. When she found the rogue chupa chup in her travels, I admit I did little to discourage it especially when soon after she found it and popped it into her mouth, she went right to sleep. Yeah, that's right. She went almost immediately to sleep. The parenting gods are playing a cruel cruel trick on me. Dirty secret: I gave it to her again that night and again for naptime the next day. Sigh.... one step forward, two steps back.

Sunday night, I declared enough is enough. I altered my routine so that when we were reading out books, we were lying in bed. I sang her song, which she resisted at first but soon, she laid her head on my shoulder. I laid her down, sang to her one more time as I tucked her in. This time, though it took an hour for her to actually fall asleep, she did not cry nor did she get out of bed. Success. I guess.

It all boils down to my needs and Ruby's needs. She needs to learn to fall asleep on her own. I need her to sleep. She won't have that damn thing forever so if once in a while I use it as my secret weapon, I guess that's going to have to be ok.

My other dirty little secret is that I may have "helped" her find the chupa chup that first time. Shhhh...don't tell nobody.


Los padres de Marcos Gabriel said...

What are they going to do when they stop letting us take pictures? Look at her hair! Ruby is getting so big!!!!!!!! Oh, lord, where is the time going. Hey, when you are in Boston next, let me know. We'll make the drive if you would be up for lunch. We are planning to go see a game soon with my old college friend. We think of you often and look forward to seeing you guys someday. All the best!!!! Chupa chupa...I won't say a word.

Laura Nolan said...

I think "who cares" on the chupa chupa. People are way too freaked out by the pacifier thing and it's more important that she sleeps and is well rested (and you too!). I get a lot of pressure about Watts having one at 20 months or naps and bedtime and I say, "Don't stress!" Better than thumb sucking from a dental perspective, right? My pal's pediatrician actually told her to give her 2 year old her pacifier back (which she took away at 15 months)because he thumb sucking had become damaging to her mouth and her thumb, which was RAW. Whatever you decide to do is always the right thing!