Thursday, April 30, 2009


We stopped at a library event last weekend and the nice ladies there made sure Ruby got some cake. Turns out, Ruby loves frosting too so we had to learn to share. Well, I had to learn share. I really don't like to share frosting. Anyway, she quite enjoyed it as you can see. Ruby's newest passion is "play with the rocks." She likes to go in the front yard and dig in the gravel with her shovel, moving rocks from a bowl, to a dump truck to a backhoe and loves to pick rocks to carry around with her. Also, every night she tries to convince me to sleep on the floor. It's a ploy to avoid bedtime but she keeps trying. Her hair is getting longer - I was able to make one braid in the back and she looked oh so cute. Can't wait to do two side braids. We are going to visit the grandparents back east this week. I bought Ruby some new jammies, one with pigs and one with kitties. I let her wear them earlier this week and she was SO excited. She got them on and said, "Daddy see?" and she went up to Dustin and said, "Daddy lookit! So cute! New jammies!"

I know I say this everytime but the girl just keeps talking. In fact, she now gets incredibly frustrated when we don't understand her. I sympathize but it is often a real guessing game to figure out what she wants... Oh and she's also singing a lot. She loves "Twinkle Little Star," "Jingle Bells" and the chorus part of a Rhianna song.

More soon!

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Jake and Olivia's mom said...

She sounds a lot like Jake, shoveling and non stop talking!