Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Funday

We had such a fun Easter! A few days before, Kayla came over and we decorated Easter eggs. They especially liked trying to write on the eggs with crayons. Later we enjoyed delicious egg salad sandwiches. Mmmm...
It was Ruby's first visit from the Easter Bunny and while she didn't exactly know who, what, when, why or how, she certainly enjoyed her Easter treats!
The Basket
What's this? A jump rope! And check out that watch!
Sharing her easter bunny with daddy...yum yum yum!
Peeps! Interesting fact about Ruby - she does not like Peeps! She took a bite and spit it out! What??? And she HATES the sugar getting all over her hand. Looks like she and Auntie Danielle can bond over their shared hatred of the glorious Peep. I still maintain hope that this is just a phase though. Oh and here is video of Ruby and the discovery of the basket:
So, while Ruby did not enjoy the Peeps, she DID enjoy the chocolate and the jelly beans. She ate a LOT of candy that day. We spent a wonderful morning and afternoon with our fun and awesome friends and Ruby was an angel the whole day despite having no nap and being in a house that had never seen a kid. That is what you call a successful holiday.

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