Thursday, April 30, 2009


We stopped at a library event last weekend and the nice ladies there made sure Ruby got some cake. Turns out, Ruby loves frosting too so we had to learn to share. Well, I had to learn share. I really don't like to share frosting. Anyway, she quite enjoyed it as you can see. Ruby's newest passion is "play with the rocks." She likes to go in the front yard and dig in the gravel with her shovel, moving rocks from a bowl, to a dump truck to a backhoe and loves to pick rocks to carry around with her. Also, every night she tries to convince me to sleep on the floor. It's a ploy to avoid bedtime but she keeps trying. Her hair is getting longer - I was able to make one braid in the back and she looked oh so cute. Can't wait to do two side braids. We are going to visit the grandparents back east this week. I bought Ruby some new jammies, one with pigs and one with kitties. I let her wear them earlier this week and she was SO excited. She got them on and said, "Daddy see?" and she went up to Dustin and said, "Daddy lookit! So cute! New jammies!"

I know I say this everytime but the girl just keeps talking. In fact, she now gets incredibly frustrated when we don't understand her. I sympathize but it is often a real guessing game to figure out what she wants... Oh and she's also singing a lot. She loves "Twinkle Little Star," "Jingle Bells" and the chorus part of a Rhianna song.

More soon!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Ruby told us her first joke yesterday. One she learned from Magy's kids. Our little jokester!
The joke is, in case you can't quite hear it: "Knock knock. Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow who? Moo!"

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Funday

We had such a fun Easter! A few days before, Kayla came over and we decorated Easter eggs. They especially liked trying to write on the eggs with crayons. Later we enjoyed delicious egg salad sandwiches. Mmmm...
It was Ruby's first visit from the Easter Bunny and while she didn't exactly know who, what, when, why or how, she certainly enjoyed her Easter treats!
The Basket
What's this? A jump rope! And check out that watch!
Sharing her easter bunny with daddy...yum yum yum!
Peeps! Interesting fact about Ruby - she does not like Peeps! She took a bite and spit it out! What??? And she HATES the sugar getting all over her hand. Looks like she and Auntie Danielle can bond over their shared hatred of the glorious Peep. I still maintain hope that this is just a phase though. Oh and here is video of Ruby and the discovery of the basket:
So, while Ruby did not enjoy the Peeps, she DID enjoy the chocolate and the jelly beans. She ate a LOT of candy that day. We spent a wonderful morning and afternoon with our fun and awesome friends and Ruby was an angel the whole day despite having no nap and being in a house that had never seen a kid. That is what you call a successful holiday.

Dressing Up and Other Developments

Over the past couple of weeks, Ruby has turned a developmental corner. It's not just me that's noticed...she really has changed. It's hard to describe but it's like she's made a huge step in her development. Yes, her verbal skills are expanding at a breakneck pace but it's more than that. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence is that this past week, she sat through story time. Up until now, she's always been moving around, playing with puzzles and looking at books during the whole story time. This past week, however, she sat with the other kids and even tried to do the movements and when it was time for a sticker, dutifully sat with her little hand on her head.

I always try to remind parents that I do not expect toddlers to sit through story time and that even though they are moving about and seemingly not paying attention, they are still absorbing what's going on and benefitting from what we are doing. I have seen evidence of this many many times over. However, it's extra cool when you see the evidence from your very own munchkin! Especially when, up to now, it's been a little of a case of "the-cobbler's-son-has-no-shoes" with the librarian's kid being the loudest one in the library. Another thing: Ruby is becoming more and more opinionated with what she likes to wear, she's getting the hang of dressing herself (especially pants and shoes) AND she's getting more and more creative with her dress-up choices. It's like she's channelling Sienna! Here is her "Russian-Hula" look for you to admire: And now we add to that a Castanza jacket, three sets of baby legs, a tu-tu and a handbag. The perfect outfit for going down the runway and the slide. She is also learning the art of take now, ask later. Last week at the grocery store, I found her with a mouth full of Rollos and the opened package in her hand. I did discover it in time to pay for it though and I wasn't disappointed to have some Rollos in my purse for emergencies but the sight of her with Rollo juice dripping down her chin and a juicy, "Mommy, lookit!" made me laugh on the inside even though on the outside I tried to be stern-mommy. It's been an adventure these past few weeks!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Setbacks and My Dirty Little Secret

So, we had a small setback with the chupa chup. Last Saturday was horrible and rainy and I was grumpy because I felt trapped in the house with a mountain of housework. I tried to make the best of it (and indeed, I turned the house back into a livable space) especially as my dear husband worked outside all day long, building another garden box and planting peas. When naptime rolled around, I really really needed a break. I put Ruby down at 12:30. At 2:30, after numerous admonitions to go back to bed, Ruby was still roaming around her room, dragging things all over and doing anything but sleep. When she found the rogue chupa chup in her travels, I admit I did little to discourage it especially when soon after she found it and popped it into her mouth, she went right to sleep. Yeah, that's right. She went almost immediately to sleep. The parenting gods are playing a cruel cruel trick on me. Dirty secret: I gave it to her again that night and again for naptime the next day. Sigh.... one step forward, two steps back.

Sunday night, I declared enough is enough. I altered my routine so that when we were reading out books, we were lying in bed. I sang her song, which she resisted at first but soon, she laid her head on my shoulder. I laid her down, sang to her one more time as I tucked her in. This time, though it took an hour for her to actually fall asleep, she did not cry nor did she get out of bed. Success. I guess.

It all boils down to my needs and Ruby's needs. She needs to learn to fall asleep on her own. I need her to sleep. She won't have that damn thing forever so if once in a while I use it as my secret weapon, I guess that's going to have to be ok.

My other dirty little secret is that I may have "helped" her find the chupa chup that first time. Shhhh...don't tell nobody.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We took Ruby and Carden to the park last weekend. Ruby shared a flower with Carden and then they shared a hug. Awww...