Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend of Rain and Sun

Last week we met up with our pals Misha and Blix and Dara and Kayla and headed out to the park. It was a wee bit too cold so we couldn't stay long because, while everyone else was having a good time, Ruby's and my enjoyment were hampered by the bitterly cold winds. We went up to our stand-by bad weather place, Coffee to a Tea, and had a warm drink and played with the trains. Afterwards, we stopped in the pet store and looked at the kitties. How cute were the wees as they talked to the kitty? We also, as evidenced by the Easter bunny photo, met up with Hank, Ryder and Hudson and their mamas and visted the bunny himself and then had a snack at the Rainforest Cafe. Dustin and I took the girls there for Sienna's 5th birthday and I swore I'd never go back. That place is insane! However, turns out it's a GREAT place to take toddlers since there is so much to look at AND they serve beer so I am no longer boycotting the place. This little bunny likes milk!: We also did some painting last weekend since it was SO crummy on Saturday. She is concentrating hard as you can see: Sunday was SO nice outside so we went and dug in the dirt. I am trying really hard to make a nice little path from our house to Kayla's so that one day, they can just trot to each other's house. Ruby helped with her new digging tools from Auntie Amy. She did not care for the worms. I'd hold one up to her and she'd turn her head away and refuse to even look at it. Guess we need to work on enjoying bugs and squirmy things! We also baked cookies. can see Ruby enjoyed the dough. Good girl.

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