Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness!

We brought March in like a lion and we are still going. Ruby, Ari and I went over to Kayla and Dara's to decorate shamrock cookies. The girls had a great messy time. Ruby didn't quite make the connection that she could eat the cookies and/or the frosting but did enjoy eating the decorations. One jellybean in the mouth, one on the cookie. Repeat. Kayla noted Ruby's technique and popped a bean in her mouth and said, "I do it like Ruby!" Here are some shots of them getting their frost on: The weather was actually pretty decent for several days, of which we took full advantage. Ruby is seen here running for the park. Side Note: She actually insisted on wearing her hat like that (I swear) which made me laugh because as she was running down the sidewalk she totally looked like one of those weird time-out dolls that people make. Ha ha ha! We met up with Hank at the park and they had a lot of fun running around chasing the big orange ball. But then Ruby saw the kite and was enthralled: So much fun to be had so far this month!

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