Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend of Rain and Sun

Last week we met up with our pals Misha and Blix and Dara and Kayla and headed out to the park. It was a wee bit too cold so we couldn't stay long because, while everyone else was having a good time, Ruby's and my enjoyment were hampered by the bitterly cold winds. We went up to our stand-by bad weather place, Coffee to a Tea, and had a warm drink and played with the trains. Afterwards, we stopped in the pet store and looked at the kitties. How cute were the wees as they talked to the kitty? We also, as evidenced by the Easter bunny photo, met up with Hank, Ryder and Hudson and their mamas and visted the bunny himself and then had a snack at the Rainforest Cafe. Dustin and I took the girls there for Sienna's 5th birthday and I swore I'd never go back. That place is insane! However, turns out it's a GREAT place to take toddlers since there is so much to look at AND they serve beer so I am no longer boycotting the place. This little bunny likes milk!: We also did some painting last weekend since it was SO crummy on Saturday. She is concentrating hard as you can see: Sunday was SO nice outside so we went and dug in the dirt. I am trying really hard to make a nice little path from our house to Kayla's so that one day, they can just trot to each other's house. Ruby helped with her new digging tools from Auntie Amy. She did not care for the worms. I'd hold one up to her and she'd turn her head away and refuse to even look at it. Guess we need to work on enjoying bugs and squirmy things! We also baked cookies. can see Ruby enjoyed the dough. Good girl.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome Hannah Grace!

Ruby's newest cousin, Hannah Grace was born yesterday afternoon (Friday) at 4:35pm and came in at a whopping 7lbs 14 oz. We wish mom and pop, Amy & Bruce well and good wishes to big sis Maria and big bro Jack. Ruby can't wait to meet you lil girl!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Bunny 2009

We visited our pal the scary, creepy Easter Bunny at the mall today along with our pals, Hank, Ryder and Hudson. Ruby thought he was the coolest until she was supposed to sit on his lap which is why (AGAIN) you get to see me in the photo. Sigh. Hank, on the other hand, ran right up to the furry beast and jumped on his lap and didn't want to leave.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun With Books

Just a quick little fun thing. Yesterday, I heard Ruby in her room saying over and over, "I can do it!" I peeked in and she was reading From Head to Toe by Eric Carle and there she was, looking at the book and leaning over and arching her back like a cat.

Today, I heard her singing "Jingle Bells" while reading the Little Golden Book by the same name.

Hooray for tiny bibliophiles!

Big Girl Bed!

While I was at work and Ruby was playing with Ari on Saturday, Dustin took down the crib and put up the toddler bed (thanks Katya for giving us your bed!). Here it is all set up before Ruby saw it. Note that the bunny tied to the end had to immediately be tied up at the top (where it was in the crib) before Ruby was satisfied. Here's a video of Ruby seeing her bed for the first time:
She's pretty happy about it. And ready to share her bed with her good good friend, Elmo, whom she adores. So far so good as far as adjusting to the bed goes. It has been 3 nights now and all three involve a series of shrieking, pleading, playing, crying before she finally succumbs to sleep and we find her passed out on her bed about an hour after we put her down. It's like her own version of the 5 stages of grief. I think that this new found freedom is a little scary for her and she's trying to get comfortable with it. The mornings are ok, except that she's getting up SUPER early. Ugh. She's only fallen out of bed twice so we are trying to figure out how to combat that. Luckily she's only about a foot off the floor so it's more of a shock than painful. Anyway, here we go onto this new stage!

Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness!

We brought March in like a lion and we are still going. Ruby, Ari and I went over to Kayla and Dara's to decorate shamrock cookies. The girls had a great messy time. Ruby didn't quite make the connection that she could eat the cookies and/or the frosting but did enjoy eating the decorations. One jellybean in the mouth, one on the cookie. Repeat. Kayla noted Ruby's technique and popped a bean in her mouth and said, "I do it like Ruby!" Here are some shots of them getting their frost on: The weather was actually pretty decent for several days, of which we took full advantage. Ruby is seen here running for the park. Side Note: She actually insisted on wearing her hat like that (I swear) which made me laugh because as she was running down the sidewalk she totally looked like one of those weird time-out dolls that people make. Ha ha ha! We met up with Hank at the park and they had a lot of fun running around chasing the big orange ball. But then Ruby saw the kite and was enthralled: So much fun to be had so far this month!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome Kierin Aida!

It's a girl! Ruby's newest cousin was born yesterday to Auntie Carol and Uncle Aaron. Congratulations to the new mum and dad and welcome Keirin! We cannot wait to meet you little one!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shotgun! Shotgun!

At first when Ruby started saying, "Shotgun! Shotgun!" I wasn't sure if she saw a wabbit, was going redneck on me or if she really wanted to ride in the front seat. Turns out, she's saying "socks on" which is what she thinks socks are called. Makes sense methinks considering we always say, "Let's put your socks on!" and "Do you have socks on?" My friend, Nicole, said one of her daughters would always say, "Take 'er" whenever she wanted to be picked up. You all makes sense, doesn't it? I love the way these little criaturas always make you see the world from a whole other perspective.

We had a really busy and fun week last week. On Wednesday, it was our pal, Eva's birthday. Happy Birthday Eva!! So Ruby and I went to the Children's Museum with Eva and her mum, Sarah. I just love this place! There was so much to see, we could hardly have hoped to see it all with two year olds but we will be back. They had an awesome Curious George exhibit as well as a really cool story book exhibit. Here are Ruby and Eva at the door of the Three Bears' house: Here they are playing at the water table in the toddler area. In retrospect, we could have spent the whole time here! Later that afternoon, we headed over to Hank's house for some playtime fun. Ruby hadn't had anything resembling a nap so I wasn't sure how she'd do but she maintained quite well and pretty much parked herself by the food and ate for most of the time. Scary how much we are alike. Here's the three monkeys on the couch, monkeying around, natch. Oh Hank, you are the man with the ladies! On Friday, Ari came over for the day while her mama was at work. Ruby was obsessed with covering her up, giving her the chupa chup and making sure she was ready for "night night." Here's the sweet Miss Ari giving us a smile from the play blanket. We had a lot of fun with her. At one point, both she and Ruby were crying, giving me a taste of life with two. I can see that when a number two comes along, Ruby may be watching a little more TV. Ha ha! Napping has been an issue since the chupa chup went away. Ruby seems to have difficulty winding herself down to get a nap in. On Friday, as Ari and I played, Ruby alternated crying, babbling, chucking stuff out of her crib and banging the crib against the wall. Awesome. After about 90 minutes, she finally fell asleep. Like this: We've clearly got to start some new naptime strategies. She has no trouble doing it with Magy so it's just a matter of figuring out how to trigger the sleep. Oh sleepy monkey... As you can see from the picture, she has nearly every single stuffed animal in her crib (many more are on the floor next to the crib). I think this might be part of the problem too.

Anyway, Monica came and picked up Ari while Ruby was sleeping. After she woke up from her nap (all of 45 minutes) she went running into the living room. "Where's Ari?" she asked. And when I told her that Ari went home, girl started with the saddest cry. She was SO disappointed. Luckily, we got to go see Ari again the next day so all was well. Ruby is in love with this baby!

A good thing too as we have two babies on the way this month. Auntie Amy is due with Jack's little sister at the end of the month and Auntie Carol in New Hampshire is due in two weeks. Two new cousins on the way! Yippeee!

The only other news is we've been talking with Ruby's Grammy and Papa in NH via Skype. It's been really a wonderful way to let them see her and for her to remain familiar with them. Gotta love technology!

Baby Blankets

Ruby just loves to put her babies to bed. The blankets have to be just so before she's satisfied. And then, she will take the blankets off and start over. Here's a small sampling of Ruby making baby go "night night." Enjoy.