Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gramma Palooza '09

President's Day weekend was spent in Idaho visiting with all of the grammas and aunties. Ruby and I boarded the plane Thursday evening. Auntie Amy and Grandma Grace picked us up and Ruby couldn't stop talking about the airplanes. "Airplane! Airport!" over and over she'd say. Sometimes a question, sometimes a statement. It took us a while to get to Grandma "Neenee's" because evidently, THREE airplanes had landed at once and that got the airport all stymied. Another of my good friends, Nicole and her two girls came up for a visit also so we had a full weekend of good times! The girls really enjoyed playing with the kids and here they are reading Ruby a story: Of course, no trip to Idaho is complete without some lovin' from little Jack. Here I am giving him mimos galore! He wasn't so sure about all of the sharing involved and was a little shy at first but he soon warmed up and he and Ruby became reaquainted and fast friends. They both talked about each other a lot over the weekend. On Sunday, my mom (Grandma Neenee) hosted an open house brunch and Gramma Teeta came up for the occasion along with my niece, Estelle. We had to get a shot of all of the grammas for Grandma Palooza 2009 (even though we were missing one very important grandma, Grammy 'oooth who we won't see until May). So here they are L to R: Gramma NeeNee, Gramma Teeta and Gramma 'race: Ruby is being a little flirty with Jack even though every time he tried to go near her she'd scream and push him away. Don't worry Jack, she'll come around soon enough! We got to see a lot of old friends over the weekend and while it was a big ol' whirlwind of activity and I feel like I didn't get nearly enough visiting in, we had a wonderful time! More pictures will be posted shortly!

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