Friday, February 27, 2009

Adios Chupa!

I don't want to jinx it but we just now finished up night 4 of no chupa chup. Un. Be. Lieve. Able. On Tuesday night, Ruby threw a colossal tantrum as Dustin was putting her to bed. After she was crying for several minutes, he went back in there and tried to offer her her chupa chup since she had thrown it on the floor. She refused it and threw it back at him. So, he said, "That's it. No more chupa chup." She cried for maybe 45 minutes and then...that was it. She slept almost the whole night through. She woke up a couple of times, squawked and then right back to sleep. The second night, she asked for her chupa, Dustin told her they were all gone and she cried for maybe 10 minutes and done. The third night, she resisted, but didn't cry -- it just took her almost an hour to fall asleep. Last night, she was being very very silly right as I was putting her down and then laid her head on my shoulder for two seconds and then leaned towards her crib and said, "Bed!" I laid her down and that was that. Wow. So far, much easier than I had anticipated!

She hasn't used one for naptime for some time and we had been prepping her beforehand -- telling her that the chupas were for babies and not for big girls, that we were going to give her chupas to Baby Ari etc. Yesterday when we saw Baby Willa, she was very interested in her chupa chup but only to give it to Willa.

I will say that there is a part of me that is very sad by this transition. I mean, I am proud of my little monkey, to be sure, but I just think about how much she loves/loved that thing and how much it relaxed her and I feel a little sad and mean that I am taking that away. However, I know that giving her a chance to learn how to sooth herself without it is the best thing and I am so happy that's she figuring it out so quickly! Plus, I had noticed her front teeth are starting to push out a little so maybe she'll be really happy when she's older that maybe we can afford to pay for some college rather than spending all of our money on orthodontia bills.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Airplanes and Tumbles

Oh yes...the flying with a two-year old deserves its own post. Oh how it's changed since the days of her sleeping peacefully in my arms the entire flight. Now, I have to buy her a seat (a blessing and a curse) and she has things to say ALL the time. Oh and there's very little sleeping.

Did I mention that Ruby was obsessed with airplanes? Every two minutes it was, "Airpane? Airpane?" And all in all, she did really really well. I had packed some snacks and a couple of activities (books, magnadoodle) and she was fine sitting in her carseat the whole time. How she'll do on a flight that lasts beyond 2 hours, I have yet to determine but we will see in May when we fly to the East coast! Anyway, she loved looking at all of the goings on. She liked saying bye to people getting off the plane and even thanked the ticket taker. I was momentarily confused when she seemingly randomly started shouting, "Obama" until I realized that she thought the face on the tail of the Alaska Airlines planes was a picture of our president.

It wasn't all smooth sailing however. I was pretty loaded down with stuff which made going through security and getting to the gate kind of spotty. My diaper bag needs to be repaired so I was using Dustin's. His works for a normal day outing but is much too small for an airplane ride and, if you know me, you know I am not a light packer. I couldn't fit diapers, wipes, books for Ruby, snacks AND reading material for myself (and I refuse to fly without a book and you can't make me!) so, I had two bags -- Ruby's diaper bag and another small bag/carry-on for me. In addition to this, I had Ruby on my back in the Ergo and her car seat, which while lighter than most, is still pretty heavy and bulky.

It occurred to me as I was hauling this mess (just call me Number 7) through the airport that I am a friggin idiot for not buying the little cart for the car seat so that I could be merrily rolling it along instead of huffing and puffing like some kind of pack animal. 90 bucks started to seem like a paltry amount compared to the suffering I was going through. I was also cursing myself for not getting my diaper bag repaired like I should have beforehand. But, I figured too late now and I'll change my system next time.

All was fine on the trip there but on the trip back was when it all went horribly wrong. I was trudging along to my gate when I suddenly found myself falling forward. With the bags and carseat in my hands and Ruby on my back (25 lbs bless her little heart) my balance was all off and down I was going and I could neither stop it nor hold my hands out to break my fall. Out of nowhere, this guy parks himself in front of me like a linebacker and I slammed into him and we all went down together. OOF!

Miraculously, no one was hurt and Ruby was even laughing (What a fun ride!). However, if if this wonderful man hadn't been there and willing to sacrifice himself, I am sure I would have, at the very least, broken my face and god knows what would have happened to Ruby. Turns out, his wife was buying a t-shirt so he just happened to be at the right place and time to save me. In the end, all that really hurt was my pride...and let's face it, my pride has taken a worse beating than this. So, Mr. Nice Sweater - thank you for saving me!!

Lucky for me, he was on my flight so I got to relive my humiliation again and again :-) Moral of the story? Don't procrastinate and spend the money for the little wheely cart for the carseat. That or make one of those little airport cars pick you up! Phew!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Idaho Trip Continued.....

"Well, let me tell you how it all went down."

Because it was a birthday weekend, Ruby and Jack got to open a lot of presents. Here is Ruby opening her present from Gramma Neenee. She was eating a carrot and couldn't figure out what to do with it so she just popped it into her mouth like an old man with a cigar. I kept expecting her to spit or hock a loogy or something.
We all went to the discovery center on Saturday afternoon. Most of the stuff was geared toward a little bit older kids but Ruby and Jack loved the exhibit that had a hose that shot out air onto which they could float a whiffle ball. They also really liked the vet play area that had all kinds of cool props including stethescopes and xrays!
Maybe in 50 years, they will be doing the same thing on a front porch somewhere?
And here are a few more pictures of the weekend:
This one is one of my favorites: I got to go visit some old old friends of mine from college and meet their kids (why didn't I take any pictures? Dumb!) and wives and I also got to visit with my oldest niece who is now as tall as I am.What?!?!? Anyway, a great trip and Ruby sure does love her people over there! We can't wait to go back!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gramma Palooza '09

President's Day weekend was spent in Idaho visiting with all of the grammas and aunties. Ruby and I boarded the plane Thursday evening. Auntie Amy and Grandma Grace picked us up and Ruby couldn't stop talking about the airplanes. "Airplane! Airport!" over and over she'd say. Sometimes a question, sometimes a statement. It took us a while to get to Grandma "Neenee's" because evidently, THREE airplanes had landed at once and that got the airport all stymied. Another of my good friends, Nicole and her two girls came up for a visit also so we had a full weekend of good times! The girls really enjoyed playing with the kids and here they are reading Ruby a story: Of course, no trip to Idaho is complete without some lovin' from little Jack. Here I am giving him mimos galore! He wasn't so sure about all of the sharing involved and was a little shy at first but he soon warmed up and he and Ruby became reaquainted and fast friends. They both talked about each other a lot over the weekend. On Sunday, my mom (Grandma Neenee) hosted an open house brunch and Gramma Teeta came up for the occasion along with my niece, Estelle. We had to get a shot of all of the grammas for Grandma Palooza 2009 (even though we were missing one very important grandma, Grammy 'oooth who we won't see until May). So here they are L to R: Gramma NeeNee, Gramma Teeta and Gramma 'race: Ruby is being a little flirty with Jack even though every time he tried to go near her she'd scream and push him away. Don't worry Jack, she'll come around soon enough! We got to see a lot of old friends over the weekend and while it was a big ol' whirlwind of activity and I feel like I didn't get nearly enough visiting in, we had a wonderful time! More pictures will be posted shortly!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gramma Rita's Book

Gramma Rita made Ruby a wonderful little book and this is Ruby and I reading it together.

What's That You Say?

You can see Ruby has a slight fat lip in this photo. She took a big tumble one morning and landed straight on her face. Poor little girl with her fat lip... didn't stop her from running all over the park though.

Ruby's latest trick is grabbing things from other tots and shouting, "Share!" so we are working on learning that that's not exactly what share means. She also enjoys hauling her many purses around, her favorite being a Hello Kitty purse (yay!) that she tucks over her shoulder. Now, when she needs help she says, "Hope? Hope?" Our little Obama baby. She also repeats everything and I mean everything. So we really need to watch all of the fancy swear words we use now. That being said, it's so fun to hear her talking about what she's doing and people that she's seen.

We are heading out to Idaho this coming weekend to visit cousin Jack who's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching, visit with the grammas and see some old friends. Crossing our fingers that it won't be the trip of the damned like last year since I'm flying on my own.

When we return, our next challenge is going to be weaning Ruby off the chupa chup. Sigh...she loves that thing but I am hoping to have her off of it before 2 1/2. After that we can tackle big girl bed and potty training. One battle at a time, I say. This may be our biggest challenge yet. Any tips?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Come and Play....

Today started out kinda rough. I had terrible insomnia and was up at 3:30am so needless to say, I was feeling a little raw this morning. However, life being what it is and how it goes on regardless of how you're feeling, I had to pay the bills. (What's up with THAT?!?) Ruby wanted to help and even managed to figure out how to move the cursor with a mouse that wasn't connected to the computer and mess me up that way. Mama has to pay the bills, girl! She doesn't have time for your genius shenanigans! But then I thought, "Aha! I tivo'd Sesame Street!" and I sat her down and got a good 15 minutes to myself to get the bills paid while she learned about mail from Christopher Meloni (of Law & Order: SVU fame), learned some Spanish from Maria and watched Cookie Monster eat, what else, cookies. Perfect.

I LOVED Sesame Street as a kid and while the music and celebrity appearances have changed, the quality of the show has not. I did some youtube surfing and found this clip from when Mr Hooper died and I won't lie, it made me cry. I remember very vividly, finding out that he had died.

That is one great show.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ruby TWOSday!

Ruby turned two yesterday! TWO!! We kept it pretty low key. Had a few of the aunties and uncles over and some cake and that was it. She was really into opening her presents. Here she is opening her present from "Meemaw Tita" (grandma rita). She would oooh and awww and say, "Oh gosh!" with each one. Here she is in a poncho that her Auntie Christine crocheted for her. Adorable! When Auntie Monica and Uncle Steve arrived with Ari, she got REALLY excited. "Ari here!" she exclaimed and ran over to ogle her. When Ari needed some dinner, Ruby snuggled up with Auntie Monica to help out. She didn't quite get that Ari didn't really want the chupa chup at that point. Ha ha! And here's the princess resplendent in all her glory. She was so excited about the cake and visiting but she really didn't have any clue about her birthday and I think she was really freaked out about the whole singing thing and given how often we tell her to stay away from candles, she was wary of that part as well. All in all it was a good time. She got an ape, a monkey, a horse and an Ugli stuffed anima, some books, some clothes and kitchen stuff. She was thrilled and can't wait to celebrate next month with Jack! She's changed so much in the past year. Talking, pretend play -- she loves to put her baby to bed and cook in her kitchen-- and making her very definite opinions known. We are working on finding words for her to use rather than shrieking. Phew! Hard to believe that just two years ago she was a tiny, squishy little monkey who just wanted to sleep and eat. Today, I handed her a book while we were at the Goodwill and she opened it to the title page and was moving her finger along the words and saying random letters, "A. T. S. U." like she was reading. Too cute. Well, happy birthday my little noodle. We love you so much!!!!