Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's That You Say?

You can see Ruby has a slight fat lip in this photo. She took a big tumble one morning and landed straight on her face. Poor little girl with her fat lip... didn't stop her from running all over the park though.

Ruby's latest trick is grabbing things from other tots and shouting, "Share!" so we are working on learning that that's not exactly what share means. She also enjoys hauling her many purses around, her favorite being a Hello Kitty purse (yay!) that she tucks over her shoulder. Now, when she needs help she says, "Hope? Hope?" Our little Obama baby. She also repeats everything and I mean everything. So we really need to watch all of the fancy swear words we use now. That being said, it's so fun to hear her talking about what she's doing and people that she's seen.

We are heading out to Idaho this coming weekend to visit cousin Jack who's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching, visit with the grammas and see some old friends. Crossing our fingers that it won't be the trip of the damned like last year since I'm flying on my own.

When we return, our next challenge is going to be weaning Ruby off the chupa chup. Sigh...she loves that thing but I am hoping to have her off of it before 2 1/2. After that we can tackle big girl bed and potty training. One battle at a time, I say. This may be our biggest challenge yet. Any tips?

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