Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ruby is a Fan of the Ape

Today we took advantage of a rare day off for ALL of us with no plans and went to the zoo, despite the fact that it was only about 40 degrees (yah a heatwave compared with some of the weather going on right now).

Ruby is currently on an ape kick. In part due to that book that she loves so much, Little Beauty. This is the picture that specifically causes her to cry and/or say, "You ok?" "Awww..." and "Hurt!": I checked out some books about Koko the gorilla and she looooves looking at the pictures and at Koko's pictures on the web. Well...any gorillas. So, we figured, let's go to the zoo and see some real ones!
We're at the zoo!!
We got to the gorilla area and she had this huge smile on her face and she kept saying, "You ok?" and we kept showing her how they were very very happy and eating leaves and lettuce. We counted the gorillas (5) and then said good-bye until a warmer day. Here's a shot of her looking at the gorillas:
Upon leaving the zoo, Ruby had a lot of fun playing with the baboon sculptures just outside the entrance.
And here she is giving the baby baboon a besito:
Who knows? Maybe we have the next Jane Goodall on our hands?

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