Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Begun...

So yeah...talking. Ruby said her first very clear sentence last week which was, "My name is Ruby." She didn't say it to anyone in particular, just whoever happened to be interested at our local Taco Time. If Kathy hadn't been there to hear it, I might have thought I dreamed it because she hasn't said it since.

When she needs help she says, "hoat" and it's so cute to hear her hold her hand up and say, "Hoat? Hoat? Pleeees!"

She is also getting really into getting dressed and dressing up. Some days she couldn't care less what she's wearing and other days she will only wear what she herself has picked out. Fair enough. She got some dress-up shoes for Christmas and those have been a big hit. I dug out the dress-up box left from when the girls lived here and she loooves trying things on out of that. If you ask me, a dress-up box is one of THE best "toys" out there and a very economical one at that. 90% of the stuff in that box are things from yard sales (including some dresses from a teeny tiny rodeo queen that my mom scored at a yard sale in Idaho) and Goodwill. It's good times for all. Of course, at this point, any clothing that Ruby picks out becomes a dress-up and as she is just mastering the art of getting dressed things like this happen:

She didn't quite get her head all the way through the hole so she looks like a little babushka and she is wearing THREE pairs of pants. Note the socks on her hands as well.

Here she is sporting the pimpin' vest that another friend of ours passed along while she helps her dad do some work. Seriously - it is important to look good at ALL times.

She loves her shoes and received a darling pair of red patent mary janes from her Uncle Steve and Auntie Monica. We are now in big trouble if we try to pick out any other shoes to wear. God help us when she grows out of them!

Ruby has also learned the words "mine" and "my" so we hear this a LOT. More recently, Grandpa Jack got her a sweet little booster seat to use instead of the high chair and she is constantly reminding us, "My chair!"

You may notice that some of the pictures of our Little Miss are of her reaching for the camera. She now knows that she can see pictures of some cute baby on that thing and demands to see it every time she sees the camera. Because of this, the camera is now known as the "Oh Baby" as in, "Have you seen the Oh Baby?" and "Quick! Get the Oh Baby!"

I leave you with a video of her begging for the Oh Baby:

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Miss Kathy said...

It feels a little wrong, but I laughed hysterically at this video. And watched it 3 times.