Monday, December 15, 2008

Toddler Tear Jerker or The Gorilla Made My Girl Cry

I checked this book out from the library, Little Beauty. It's a beautifully illustrated story about a gorilla who knows sign language (kind of like Koko) and requests a friend and receives a kitten whom he names "Beauty." I LOVE the illustrations and the story is simple, sweet and just weird enough to make me really happy. At one point in the book, the gorilla is sad that he is going to lose his friend, Beauty. The picture that accompanies this is a nearly full page of a sad gorilla face. I've had this book for a couple of weeks and we've read it several times, Ruby and I.

So, last night, she is sitting on the couch reading her books as she is wont to do. She picks up Little Beauty and starts turning each page. Then, out of nowhere, when she gets to the sad gorilla page, she bursts into tears. Really, the saddest little face and most heartbreaking cry. I can't decide if she's saddened by Gorilla's face or if she's scared by it. She loves the other pictures but, now, every time she gets to that page she cries. The funny thing is that she would put the book down and then a minute later want to read it again and then cry as soon as she got to the page.

So, is it a tear-jerker or horror? Terms of Endearment or Pet Sematary? Old Yeller or Carrie? Where the Red Fern Grows or Cujo? Hmm...... Such a bummer because I really like this book!

UPDATE: Verdict is it's a tearjerker. Last night she was reading the book with Dustin and when they got to that page she said, "Hurt!" and closed the book and ran away. Poor monkey, she feels sad for the poor ape.

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Chandra said...

Poor Ruby! Tearjerkers are so hard!