Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Santa!

We did make a couple of trips to see Santa. There are some really good ones in our 'hood and all for charity so that's even better. Unlike last year, when she'd let us do whatever we wanted, Ruby wanted NOTHING to do with good ol' Santa. Nada. The first Santa suggested that maybe we not force her to sit on his lap. So, it was me, the dad and Ruby with Santa off to the side. Ugh. I was not expecting nor did I desire to have my picture taken. Does Santa not understand that we had children for the mere fact that one day we would get a hilarious picture of her screaming on Santa's lap so we could submit it to the Scary Santa Pictures site? Anyway, here we are in line waiting for the picture and a video of Ruby learning who he is:

The second day we tried a different Santa with the same result. So, when you see the pictures, you'll see me too. This time we went with Carden from across the street and his parents. Afterwards we hit the cupcake store after that for some fun and sugar. Sadly I was not able to get a picture of the two of them holding hands but, trust me, it was precious. Below are some pictures because she looked so damn cute in that dress. So, while the actual Santa photos may be a bust, we had a great time going out to get them and I don't think Ruby will be scarred for life. Phew!

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