Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Cabin Fever

With Thanksgiving out of the way, I now realize it's time for Christmas. Unlike years past when I have been on top of the whole holiday, I am not. I haven't been for many years and I don't know if I ever will again. I'm mainly only doing presents for kids this year which takes some heat off and I've got a million little projects piling up. Luckily, Ruby expects nothing so a less than exciting Christmas (for me) will go unnoticed. Next year, I had best be on the ball.

At any rate, we were fairly busy this weekend. I was feeling somewhat...disillusioned with the whole house thing so I tried to go OUT as much as possible. Sometimes I feel like all I do is sweep, clean, tidy, dismantle piles, do laundry etc yet it is never DONE. I might have mentioned that I would give up an arm to have a live-in housekeeper at one point during the weekend. So, I rebelled and I read a book while Ruby napped and sewed instead of mopping the kitchen. Take that housework! All I'm sayin is if you come over anytime soon it had better be to see me because my house is a hot mess.

But I leave you with some cute pictures of our girl:

Got my drink and my catalogue. Perfect. Ok, at least SHE was mopping...
Dressing up with the hat basket! Fancy!

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