Monday, November 17, 2008

Full O' Personality

Wowee the girl is coming out! So...words are spilling out everywhere and it's just a matter of time before we are playing "the quiet game" to quell all of the questions. However, until then, it's just plain fun, hilarious and adorable as she peppers us with a new word (or six) every day. She loves pointing across the street and saying, "Carden!" Hoping he will come to play perhaps?

Last week, that tactic worked and Carden's mom and I headed over to the closest community center for toddler play time. We got there and I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they had to play with. Cars, playhouses, dolls, slides, trucks, motorcycles, hula hoops, balls and the coup de grace, a mini bounce house! The best part was, we were the only people there for at least half an hour. Ruby ran from car to car, slide to slide and spent a good amount of time just running, with her arms outstretched and yelling as loud as she could. Here are some shots of her in the fire truck:
Last week, on our excursion to the mall play area, we stopped in at H & M , which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. I found these funny lion mittens that look like little lion puppets. Ruby had a wonderful time roaring with these on her hands so I dropped the 5 bucks to bring them home. Well....a few days later, the Dad, thinking they were socks, put them on her feet and now she refuses to wear them on her hands. Which makes me think about when my nieces moved in and the 3 year old kept falling down, not used to the combo of socks and hard wood floors. One evening after she had fallen down twice she wailed, "Why is your house so slippery!??!?" My guess is that Ruby will have the same question if she keeps up with the lion-mittens-as-slippers thing. I am thinking that maybe she needs some cute animal slippers so that we can return the lions to the hands where they will keep her warm and not cause her to smash her sweet face on the floor.
And I have to include this picture of our neighbor, Kayla, helping Ruby put on her hat. Kayla came over with Auntie and Mom to give Ruby a hat that Auntie had crocheted for her. Unfortch, I didn't get a picture of her in said hat but I definitely will. Anyway, I just liked the spirit of cooperation as is so rare in the 2 year old world:
Ruby right now is sportin' a really ugly cough but, otherwise, seems to be feeling ok. I am hoping that we don't all get this particular germ. We are looking forward to the holiday next week and to spending some down time together!


Jake and Olivia's mom said...

Tell Dustin I would have thought they were socks too! Speaking of the mall (and I love H&M too!) I always think of you when I'm there because of the Lupine Walk!

librarymeow said...

Isn't it fitting that they named part of the mall after me? Ha ha ha!