Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun Firsts and Other Tidbits

Today Ruby sang her first song! I heard her saying, "Roundandround. Tooown!" over and over before I realized she was singing "The Wheels on the Bus." Later on today, she put her fists to her cheeks to do the "Baby on the bus goes, 'Whaa whaa whaa!'" I tried to capture it on my cellphone but she cleverly stopped performing once she saw a camera out.

One of my favorite reality show contestents and mommies, Laura Bennett, from Project Runway has written an article on parenting. She has 6 children and is always glamorous and cool as a cucumber. The article is called "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?" I heart her.

In other news, a big RIP for my Canon Powershot camera. It was a graduation gift to me from Grandma Grace and it has served me well from trips overseas to thousands upon thousands of photos of all my girls. Thank you my little camera for all of the wonderful photos you have taken through the years. I bid you adieu. So, it goes without saying that there will be a short moratorium on pictures here at Ruby Shooz while I figure out how to use the other camera. More soon.

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