Sunday, October 12, 2008

Curse You Hand Foot and Mouth Disease!

Ruby has now succumbed to (what is apparently very common) hand, foot and mouth disease. One of her pals came down with it and Friday she woke up with one flushed cheek. She wasn't seemingly sick and ate and played and I didn't think much of it. However, Ruby's daddy insisted I call the doctor since I was going out that night and he didn't want to have to make "any trips to the emergency room." Well...secretly, I was thinking, "Ok Mr Nervous Nellie..." but I did it and took her in. Well, what do you know? She had a fever and a rash spreading on her cheek. Daddy intuition-1. Mommy intuition - 0.

The doctor (not our regular doc but he was awesome) gave me the usual info about watching the fever, dehydration etc. When I mentioned that the plan was I was going out that night he said it was no problem. And then, to make sure it was all good, he wrote out a prescription saying she had a viral infection and was 'eligible for daddy care.' Ha! So, I got to go see Air Supply (don't even comment - it totally ruled) and Ruby got some quality daddy time per the doctor's orders.

When I got home that night, around midnight. She was snuggled up with her pops in bed. She was awake so I gave her some tylenol and took her down to the couch to snuggle her. Then, without any fair warning thank-you-very-much, as we were lying there she proceeded to puke all over my shirt. Since it was a lost cause at that point, I just directed her projection to my shirt until she was done. I then cursed the fact that I was wearing a pullover sweatshirt...ugh. My gagging scared her and made her cry. I had puke in my hair, on my pj pants and on her blanket. It was not a good scene. I stripped down and went upstairs to enlist the help of the dad while I called the on-call nurse.

She was fine the rest of the night, sleeping with us and didn't make hardly another peep until she awoke at around 7 am. She looked a lot like Nick Nolte's mugshot with her wild sweaty hair but much much much MUCH cuter.

Yesterday she did ok but started getting slightly feverish towards the end of the day and, again, slept with us. We'll see how tonight goes. She is ok today if not a little more snuggly than usual. We are skipping the Obama Kids parade (sad) but she's just not up to par and I think we all need a little rest after the crazieness of the weekend.


Jooolie said...

Hopefully, your memories of Air Supply will trump that of the vomit carpet-bombing. Oh, I love you Air Supply.

janis said...

Will Ruby ever be able to forgive you for comparing her to Nick Nolte? (Maybe you should delete that comment now before she can read!)