Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween '08!

We had a really fun Halloween this year. Ruby was dressed as a little flamenco dancer. I got the dress in Spain about 7 years ago for my youngest niece, Sienna when she was about Ruby's age. Add one headband with flowers and, "Olé!"
A bunch of us met up at our neighborhood trick or treat the week before the holiday and tried to get another picture of the kids in costume all together as we did last year. Turns out, toddlers are a lot harder to wrangle than 9 month olds. Who knew? Ha ha ha! Anyway, here's the shot for what it's worth. Still pretty damn cute, I say:
Eva, Blix, Ruby and Arrie
And then, here's a picture of Ruby in her costume. Unfortunately, she wouldn't hang on to the castanets so no props:

?Quieres bailar conmigo?

On the afternoon of Halloween, Auntie Kathy came over and we went to Hank's house for a little get-together. Here's the three of us:


And here are Hank and Ruby working on the MagnaDoodle together (what a genius toy that is). Hank was a giraffe but he got too hot inside so he's just rockin' the black T.

A circle! A circle man! A donut! A wheel! A ball! Pictionary is hard....

And we also got to see our pal Ryder who we haven't seen in an awful long time. Not only is he growing up, he started walking and even without the 6 extra legs!

The Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Said NO *&%^$& Paparrazi!!

Well, parenting just got a lot more fun. Just one day shy of her 21 month birthday, Ruby threw her first real tantrum. She's thrown little tantrums before but they have always been very very shortlived and easy to distract her from. This evening however, my normally easy-going and happy girl turned into a screaming, shoe-throwing, wailing Sean Penn....just in time for Halloween. Wouldn't even let me take a picture!

It all started when I wouldn't let her turn on the hot water faucet at the bathroom sink. Mean mommy. And let me tell you, she would not let it go. First she tried scooting a foot stool up to the sink and when that didn't work, she began to climb on the toilet. I told her that it was time to get ready for bed and we were going to get her pajamas and she howled and tried leaning to get me to go a different direction (kind of like you do when riding a horse) and when that didn't work...more screaming. I got her on the changing table and started taking off her shoes and she yelled, "No! No! No!" and kept trying to get her shoes back on. She really didn't want to take off her shirt. I put her on the floor thinking that maybe she would want to pick the pajamas. "No!" she stated emphatically and shut the drawer, pushing all of the other drawers shut to prove her point.

At this point, I figured it was time to change tactics and so we went downstairs to change out the laundry for a change of pace and scenery. Didn't really help. She was really really mad. Even the faithful chupa chup was not the answer. I did finally get her in her pj's and read a story and she calmed down a bit....until I put her in her crib. She is now pretty calmed down but wowee...what a doozy! Looks like the 'terrible twos' hit a teeny tiny bit early.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Grammapalooza, it what you will but it was good times! Grandma Genie and Grandma Rita came to visit for the weekend and Ruby was soaking it up. We were just missing Grandma Ruth and Grandma Grace and it would have been a complete Gramma-Rama. We had a really fun time and hit some of the grandmas' favorite stores like Uwajimaya and Ikea. We also had some really food including a meal at Buca di Beppo where Ruby ate her weight in Italian food. I swear to you that she weighed 5 lbs more that night. Here is Ruby with the Grandmas: And here they are reading her a story: Grandma Rita left Monday morning and Grandma Genie and I spent the rest of the day cooking and planting bulbs. While I was doing something in the kitchen I went to find Ruby and this is what I found:
Last Thanksgiving, Grandma Ruth let Ruby lick her first beater and Grandma Genie continued the tradition. No complaints there!
All in all it was a wonderful visit and we only wish that it could have been longer! Ruby loves her grandmas and I love my mamas! Halloween postings coming soon!

What Does The Little Piggy Say?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This afternoon, our sweet friend, Karen, called us to let us know a fall festival was going on down the street so we headed on over. It was great fun! Not only were there pony rides (!) but there was a petting zoo! Here are some shots as Ruby played with the animals.
Ruby and the goat

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can I have a pony??????

Firefighters! Sheep!

So, I got a new camera and while I figure IT out, here are some photos that I got off the old one. We had a pretty exciting week. After the disease had run its course, we went out and made up for lost time. There were two, count'em TWO firefighter story times to attend, one at my branch and one at our neighborhood branch. It was really fun to see the firefighters in their gear and see the fire truck and engine up close (the truck holds the hose, the engine the ladder etc...I think that's what he said).'s a picture of Ruby on the fire truck:
On Friday, we went to the Seattle Children's Theater production of "The Green Sheep" with Hank and his mum. This play was based on the book, "Where is the Green Sheep?" by Mem Fox and it was aimed at kids ages 1-4. Instant Hausfrau strongly recommended it and BOY am I glad we went! It was SO fun and Ruby was enthralled. It was the perfect environment and length for this age and they did such a great job with it. We were impressed! Unfortunately, my camera was being weird (hence, I had to get a new one!) so all the pics were kinda blurry but you get the idea.

Ruby with the Bed Sheep

Hank and Ruby smell the flowers together

Ruby pets the Green Sheep. He was sleeping the whole time!

All in all, a fun few days and time well spent after a weekend of being sick. Yay! More to come, my friends. More to come....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Mend

Well, after a few days of misery, Miss Ruby seems to be on the mend. Sunday was definitely the worst of it. She's pretty happy today albeit a little more clingy than usual. I'm keeping her out of circulation for another day at least just to be safe but it's looking good. Phew! And, I have almost figured out how to work the other camera so I'll be posting some pictures soon. I promise!

New words - all said as one word:

  • Hereyougo
  • Gracias
  • Alldone
  • theend
  • wanbite?
  • come!
  • cheese!
  • thankyou
  • potty

And that's the news for now..........

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Curse You Hand Foot and Mouth Disease!

Ruby has now succumbed to (what is apparently very common) hand, foot and mouth disease. One of her pals came down with it and Friday she woke up with one flushed cheek. She wasn't seemingly sick and ate and played and I didn't think much of it. However, Ruby's daddy insisted I call the doctor since I was going out that night and he didn't want to have to make "any trips to the emergency room." Well...secretly, I was thinking, "Ok Mr Nervous Nellie..." but I did it and took her in. Well, what do you know? She had a fever and a rash spreading on her cheek. Daddy intuition-1. Mommy intuition - 0.

The doctor (not our regular doc but he was awesome) gave me the usual info about watching the fever, dehydration etc. When I mentioned that the plan was I was going out that night he said it was no problem. And then, to make sure it was all good, he wrote out a prescription saying she had a viral infection and was 'eligible for daddy care.' Ha! So, I got to go see Air Supply (don't even comment - it totally ruled) and Ruby got some quality daddy time per the doctor's orders.

When I got home that night, around midnight. She was snuggled up with her pops in bed. She was awake so I gave her some tylenol and took her down to the couch to snuggle her. Then, without any fair warning thank-you-very-much, as we were lying there she proceeded to puke all over my shirt. Since it was a lost cause at that point, I just directed her projection to my shirt until she was done. I then cursed the fact that I was wearing a pullover sweatshirt...ugh. My gagging scared her and made her cry. I had puke in my hair, on my pj pants and on her blanket. It was not a good scene. I stripped down and went upstairs to enlist the help of the dad while I called the on-call nurse.

She was fine the rest of the night, sleeping with us and didn't make hardly another peep until she awoke at around 7 am. She looked a lot like Nick Nolte's mugshot with her wild sweaty hair but much much much MUCH cuter.

Yesterday she did ok but started getting slightly feverish towards the end of the day and, again, slept with us. We'll see how tonight goes. She is ok today if not a little more snuggly than usual. We are skipping the Obama Kids parade (sad) but she's just not up to par and I think we all need a little rest after the crazieness of the weekend.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun Firsts and Other Tidbits

Today Ruby sang her first song! I heard her saying, "Roundandround. Tooown!" over and over before I realized she was singing "The Wheels on the Bus." Later on today, she put her fists to her cheeks to do the "Baby on the bus goes, 'Whaa whaa whaa!'" I tried to capture it on my cellphone but she cleverly stopped performing once she saw a camera out.

One of my favorite reality show contestents and mommies, Laura Bennett, from Project Runway has written an article on parenting. She has 6 children and is always glamorous and cool as a cucumber. The article is called "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?" I heart her.

In other news, a big RIP for my Canon Powershot camera. It was a graduation gift to me from Grandma Grace and it has served me well from trips overseas to thousands upon thousands of photos of all my girls. Thank you my little camera for all of the wonderful photos you have taken through the years. I bid you adieu. So, it goes without saying that there will be a short moratorium on pictures here at Ruby Shooz while I figure out how to use the other camera. More soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Photos

Sorry for the lags in posting lately. It's been kinda crazy busy for some reason and I keep meaning to get to it and...well....that's my lame excuse. To get you by, here are some photos of our girl: