Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cramming in the Summer Fun

Well, we've been having a fun time here in Rubyland. The words are coming fast and furious. For the last several weeks she has been using the word "down" to be asked to be picked up, to get out of her chair, to get on the couch.... Last night, during one of her nighttime awakenings, she actually said "up" to get out of the crib. What could I do but pick her up? I need to reinforce her correct usage of the word! On the other hand, I don't need to reinforce this waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep unless it's next to me with one elbow in my boob and the other in my eye. (How DID she get so pointy?) So next time she's staying in bed no matter what she says! Hmph! Anyway, the weather has finally returned to loveliness and we are enjoying it! Spending lots of time at the park and going for walks. Here's a shot of Ruby during one of her favorite past times --- going up and down and all around the play structure: On a side note, last week we were watching our pal Otto (how I didn't take a single picture I'll never know) and we all went to the park. Ruby picked up a little boyfriend -- he was probably about two and he kept following her all over and trying to hug her. I tried to tell him she isn't a big hugger but the little guy was persistant! At one point he was running after her with his hand outstretched and she was running away laughing. When we were in Idaho, Grandma Grace got Ruby this sweet dress with a matching dolly dress. They are SO cute together! I had a doll when I was about 3 who had a dress that matched mine and I thought it was the bomb! Here's a shot of the two:

Oh and here's a shot of Ruby reading about what people do all day: Last week, we went to the zoo with some of our neighborhood gal pals. Ruby looooved it. Everything was "oh wooow!" in kind of a breathless "I'm in complete awe" voice. She nearly climbed into the pen with the goats and when we got to the petting zoo, all bets were off. She literally ran from goat to goat petting them and shouting "Dog dog!" Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get photos since I was busy trying to keep her from poking the poor patient little goats in the eye or bum. Here are the three ladies checking out the ponies: In other news, Ruby got her first skinned knee yesterday while pushing her stroller down the sidewalk. She kind of wimpered but was so intent on getting that thing moving she didn't fuss much.

She also went to a birthday party with our neighbors and came home with a cute little ladybug on her cheek. She must of had fun because it took her 3.2 seconds to fall asleep for the WHOLE night for a change. Good times! I think she's getting a tooth too because right before I left for work on Saturday, she was SUPER fussy and kept grabbing her right side of her face. After a little tylenol, orajel and a bath she was much happier and maintained for the whole day. Poor little monkey!

Yesterday, I ran (RAN!) my first 5k. Ok, so I really only ran the first and third mile but still! For me, this is huge! Dustin and Ruby came to cheer me on. Maybe next year Ruby will run along with me instead of 'trowin a wobblah' on the sidelines like this year.

The other funny thing that happened (golly this post is disjointed) was yesterday at lunch. She'd been kind of grazing all morning so I didn't prep a big lunch. I just took some pb and added a little honey and gave her some crackers to dip. I was doing the dishes and heard her say "Yummy!" as she dug in. When I looked in on her I saw that she had tossed the crackers on the floor and was eating the peanutbutter honey mixture off of a BLUE CRAYON. Good grief!

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Jake and Olivia's mom said...

What happened to your big picture in your header???? The one with Ruby's name in the sand. I loved that picture!