Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh and Fall is Here...

The weather has turned and it's starting to look a lot like fall. That being said, the weather has really been beautiful. Still comfortable outside and sunny but with the slight scent of the cold weather yet to come. Oh I love fall! I put away all of Ruby's summer clothing and got out some of her sweaters and long sleeved stuff. It seems she's lacking in long sleeved t-shirts and onesies but otherwise she's pretty well stocked thanks to lots of hand-me-downs and gifts. I did buy her a cute little kitty shirt at Target the other day though. We had a playdate with the sweetie, Carden, from across the street and with our other sweet pal, Otto. Here are Otto and Ruby having some grapes on the couch. It was really sweet to see the three kids together and playing with all of the toys side by side.

Ruby said her name today for the first time that I heard. Not sure if she quite gets that she's Ruby but it's a start. She also says "Kathy," "Otto" and "Ya Ya" (for Elyjah, her nanny's oldest son). When Magy (the most wonderful nanny ever) comes over, Ruby immediately asks "Where's Joel?" who is Magy's youngest son. She also says "Funny!" before cracking up about something. OH yes, the words are coming fast and furious.

I bought Ruby some cute little Hello Kitty undies and have been having her wear them around the house as a start to potty training. We are going slow and just taking it day by day but she is definitely noticing when she's going to the bathroom. Now it's just a matter of making the connection to the potty. We'll see. I'm really just winging it at this point. Ha!

Ok, that's the news for now. More soon!


Jake and Olivia's mom said...

If you like Hello Kitty, they have a bunch of Hello Kitty clothes at H&M in Southcenter! BTW, did you know there is a "Lupine walk" at the new section of Southcenter?

librarymeow said...

I ADORE Hello Kitty! Must get Ruby outfitted now :-) And I did notice that they named part of the new Southcenter after me. Fitting considering it sucked out my soul little by little for a full year.