Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Oh we've just been having the most delightful summer. It's been sunny and warm (high 80's) and we've been hanging outside quite a lot. Of course now it's in the mid 60's and raining and cloudy but that's the Northwest for you! ANYway, we have made good use of the city's wading pools and our own, not to mention countless trips to the park and beach. Had fun little playdate with Hank and Eva and ran into other pals while there as well. Our garden is producing green beans by the bowl full and our figs are ripe and I see lots of tomatoes and carrots in our future too. I had a moment a few days ago where me and Ruby were sitting on the stoop munching on green beans and cucumbers that I had picked and it was right out of one of my little fantasies that I had when she was born....that one day we'd be sitting on the stoop eating stuff out of the garden. True, in my fantasy, there were no weeds in the garden, the grass was green, my house was SUPER clean and organized and I was showered and clean but you know, it was such a sweet moment that I didn't care about all of that other crap. Such perfect moments are hard to beat in the world of parenting. Speaking of perfect moments, Ruby got to spend the whole day with her Auntie Kathy last Friday. Here's a picture I snapped of them reading Ruby's favorite book together: Also, a couple of weekends ago, we made rasberry jam and I had to document it for my future self when I forget how easy and delicious it was: We had a little yard sale this past weekend. It was pretty slow but oh so nice to just SIT in the yard, enjoy the sun and visit with people. Plus, the clientel in our 'hood is just plain interesting! We topped off the weekend with a delicious graham cracker and nutella. You can tell that SOMEbody enjoyed it! Where has Dustin been all this time? Why he's been working his butt off building some stairs and redoing our deck! Check out this gorgeousness!

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