Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Goes to the Beach

We just got back from a fun little trip to Cannon Beach, OR where we met up with Jack and Auntie Amy & Uncle Bruce. We spent much of the time on the beach and I loved watching Ruby play in the water and sand. She was fascinated by other kids digging in the sand and with the way the water splashed on her feet. It was pretty freakin cold so we didn't go in the water much but it was still beautiful and we saw many cool little creatures. I love the ocean so it was kind of a moment for me showing the big water to Ruby. What was also lots of fun was getting to play with Jack and hang out with Amy and Bruce. Ruby and Jack had some good interactions and I love this below picture because of the looks on both of their faces. Here they are examining all of the organisms on Haystack Rock at low tide.

Jack kept wanting to hold Ruby's hand or kept trying to give her a hug. She was having none of it. Every time she'd shriek, cry or say "Ow!" Oh dear....poor Jack! However, besides that they did actually do some playing together and it was so cute to see them running around the hotel room.

Us grown-ups had fun together as well and it was nice to just have a somewhat relaxing time to just hang out. The great view of the ocean didn't hurt either. Neither did all of the seafood and fudge we ate.......

And here's a picture of all of us before we parted and went our separate ways. We had such a wonderful time and hope we can do this again and again!

Our trip back was a little longer than expected due to some ugly traffic. However, Ruby did great in the car going in both directions. She sang and talked and read books and ate more than her fair share of Pirate Booty. She especially liked rest stops because there were lots of dogs to look at. More soon!


Jake and Olivia's mom said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new header! And the beach pictures are great!

Leirbag Drawllim said...

I had to post a blog about this blog, if you read my name backwards you will know who i am. (im someone close, no mystery)

grandma grace said...

I'm so glad that you all had time at the beach. I love the pics of Jack and Ruby together. They are such beautiful little people. Maybe the next beach time could be in San Diego with Uncle Mark and Auntie Em? Water should be warmer, kids would be older, and there should be lots of comida latina....Just a thought.
Grandma Grace

Baby Mama said...

Watts and Ruby go to go to the beach the same weekend! I wish you guys were all here and staying at the Topaz!