Saturday, August 30, 2008

19 Months Old

Well, as Ruby hits her 19 month mark, the tantrums have begun. Only when she is intent upon doing oh, say, playing with a power strip...and we don't let her do it, does she go into a fit. When she "hulks out" she'll either fling herself on the floor (backwards - yikes!) or she'll run into the living room and throw herself on the couch, tossing any item in her path aside. She generally calms down within a minute or two but it's incredible to watch how she expresses her mass frustration with her dopey parents. But then, she usually looks like this so it ain't no big thang:

She has also really really gotten into climbing. I know some kids (yeah, YOU Jack!) have been climbers from the get-go, but not our girl. Now, however is a different story. She climbs the couch, tries to get on chairs, gets on her rocking horse and she would like to go up and down stairs all day long. She's also getting more and more snoopy now that she knows how to open drawers. I keep finding my socks all over the place, not to mention bags of rice and pasta. She also really likes "helping" in the kitchen. So, I've taken to plopping her on the kitchen stool and giving her a few kitchen tools (bowl, cup, spoon) and some flour or corn meal. Keeps her occupied for quite a while. Of course, it's a big mess but easy enough to clean up! Drawing is another big one and she will get her bowl of crayons down and grab a piece of paper and draw away. Have to watch that she doesn't draw on everything in the house though.

Her words are coming fast and furious and she now also says ride, outside, agua, Joel and avocado. I'm sure there are more...

We had a fun little visit w/ my friend's two kiddos and Ruby looooved playing with them. Here they are all enjoying the sun and water:

Well, I can hear that her nap is now over so I'll go and just leave you all with this sweet picture.

Please sir, could I have some more?

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Jake and Olivia's mom said...

Yes, I remember the tantrums starting at about a year and a half and I'm bracing myself for kid #2! Kudos to you for letting her make a mess, I bet she has soooooo much fun! Such sweet pictures-as usual!