Saturday, August 30, 2008

19 Months Old

Well, as Ruby hits her 19 month mark, the tantrums have begun. Only when she is intent upon doing oh, say, playing with a power strip...and we don't let her do it, does she go into a fit. When she "hulks out" she'll either fling herself on the floor (backwards - yikes!) or she'll run into the living room and throw herself on the couch, tossing any item in her path aside. She generally calms down within a minute or two but it's incredible to watch how she expresses her mass frustration with her dopey parents. But then, she usually looks like this so it ain't no big thang:

She has also really really gotten into climbing. I know some kids (yeah, YOU Jack!) have been climbers from the get-go, but not our girl. Now, however is a different story. She climbs the couch, tries to get on chairs, gets on her rocking horse and she would like to go up and down stairs all day long. She's also getting more and more snoopy now that she knows how to open drawers. I keep finding my socks all over the place, not to mention bags of rice and pasta. She also really likes "helping" in the kitchen. So, I've taken to plopping her on the kitchen stool and giving her a few kitchen tools (bowl, cup, spoon) and some flour or corn meal. Keeps her occupied for quite a while. Of course, it's a big mess but easy enough to clean up! Drawing is another big one and she will get her bowl of crayons down and grab a piece of paper and draw away. Have to watch that she doesn't draw on everything in the house though.

Her words are coming fast and furious and she now also says ride, outside, agua, Joel and avocado. I'm sure there are more...

We had a fun little visit w/ my friend's two kiddos and Ruby looooved playing with them. Here they are all enjoying the sun and water:

Well, I can hear that her nap is now over so I'll go and just leave you all with this sweet picture.

Please sir, could I have some more?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This cute picture was on the camera when I downloaded all of the photos this morning. What sweet faces.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Oh we've just been having the most delightful summer. It's been sunny and warm (high 80's) and we've been hanging outside quite a lot. Of course now it's in the mid 60's and raining and cloudy but that's the Northwest for you! ANYway, we have made good use of the city's wading pools and our own, not to mention countless trips to the park and beach. Had fun little playdate with Hank and Eva and ran into other pals while there as well. Our garden is producing green beans by the bowl full and our figs are ripe and I see lots of tomatoes and carrots in our future too. I had a moment a few days ago where me and Ruby were sitting on the stoop munching on green beans and cucumbers that I had picked and it was right out of one of my little fantasies that I had when she was born....that one day we'd be sitting on the stoop eating stuff out of the garden. True, in my fantasy, there were no weeds in the garden, the grass was green, my house was SUPER clean and organized and I was showered and clean but you know, it was such a sweet moment that I didn't care about all of that other crap. Such perfect moments are hard to beat in the world of parenting. Speaking of perfect moments, Ruby got to spend the whole day with her Auntie Kathy last Friday. Here's a picture I snapped of them reading Ruby's favorite book together: Also, a couple of weekends ago, we made rasberry jam and I had to document it for my future self when I forget how easy and delicious it was: We had a little yard sale this past weekend. It was pretty slow but oh so nice to just SIT in the yard, enjoy the sun and visit with people. Plus, the clientel in our 'hood is just plain interesting! We topped off the weekend with a delicious graham cracker and nutella. You can tell that SOMEbody enjoyed it! Where has Dustin been all this time? Why he's been working his butt off building some stairs and redoing our deck! Check out this gorgeousness!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Words Words Words

Ruby's vocabulary is increasing by the minute. She now says "down," "cheese," and "yummy." Not only that but it seems that "ca" now also means "take this," "give me that," "let me hold your hand" and "I want more." It's Ruby's own version of "aloha." I don't have any idea where that came from but it works! She also says "gato" though it sounds more like "dodo" but it's a start! Here she is in her room watching her dad work on our deck. She stood there for about 20 minutes....until she fell off of the potty. That's about all that thing is good for at the moment. Whatever interest she had in it earlier is gone so we are waiting for a comeback. Ruby's favorite new food is raisins (sorry Grandma Genie and you can thank Auntie Amy for introducing them to her!). Give her a little container of raisins and she happily munches on them. It's really freakin cute to watch too. The pictures don't quite capture it. But here's one from this afternoon: It also seems that Ruby is truly a librarian's daughter. Last week at story time, the kids were all pretty antsy. Combine that with the Blue Angels flying overhead and you have a pretty rowdy story time. Not that I mind that -- I just do things a little differently in that case. At any rate, I ditched the last book and was trying to get the kids' attention to sing our last song so we could get outside when I see Ruby, who is standing right in front of me, put her fingers to her lips and shushed! Oh if only that had been captured on video!

Que Guapa!

I bought this flamenco dress for Sienna back in 1999 and it's made its rounds of several of our friends and now it's back to us. I added a hydrangea flower and Ruby was all dolled up and ready to dance and have some Tortilla EspaƱola. !Que guapa!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Goes to the Beach

We just got back from a fun little trip to Cannon Beach, OR where we met up with Jack and Auntie Amy & Uncle Bruce. We spent much of the time on the beach and I loved watching Ruby play in the water and sand. She was fascinated by other kids digging in the sand and with the way the water splashed on her feet. It was pretty freakin cold so we didn't go in the water much but it was still beautiful and we saw many cool little creatures. I love the ocean so it was kind of a moment for me showing the big water to Ruby. What was also lots of fun was getting to play with Jack and hang out with Amy and Bruce. Ruby and Jack had some good interactions and I love this below picture because of the looks on both of their faces. Here they are examining all of the organisms on Haystack Rock at low tide.

Jack kept wanting to hold Ruby's hand or kept trying to give her a hug. She was having none of it. Every time she'd shriek, cry or say "Ow!" Oh dear....poor Jack! However, besides that they did actually do some playing together and it was so cute to see them running around the hotel room.

Us grown-ups had fun together as well and it was nice to just have a somewhat relaxing time to just hang out. The great view of the ocean didn't hurt either. Neither did all of the seafood and fudge we ate.......

And here's a picture of all of us before we parted and went our separate ways. We had such a wonderful time and hope we can do this again and again!

Our trip back was a little longer than expected due to some ugly traffic. However, Ruby did great in the car going in both directions. She sang and talked and read books and ate more than her fair share of Pirate Booty. She especially liked rest stops because there were lots of dogs to look at. More soon!


Last week, Ruby was acting like she wanted something but I couldn't figure out what. So, I walked whereever she pointed. Got to the kitchen and she plucked a nectarine out of the fruit bowl and proceed to chow down. She ate this nectarine down to the stone. I just love how much she seems to be enjoying it!