Saturday, July 12, 2008

House Full of Girls

We have had a house full of girls for the past week and it's been fun! Estelle and Sienna (our nieces) came home with us from Idaho to stay for about 10 days. It was definitely too short of a stay especially since I had to work for several of the days. However, we managed to pack in a LOT of good times in that period, the girls got to hang with Magy and her sweet kids and we had more than a few good laughs and minimal craziness. Ruby had such a good time with her doting cousins and I think she really misses having them around, as do Dustin and I! Here are some photos of our Week of Girls!
Ladies Night at the baseball game

Sharing an ice cream cone at delicious Molly Moon Ice Cream

I read somewhere on the 'internets" about making fingerpaints with vanilla pudding. Good thing I used something edible because the first thing Ruby did was taste it. Unfortunately, it tasted too good and all she did was eat it and did very little actual painting...other than her face and belly that is. Still, it was a fun activity!

We went to family game night at our local library. This is Ruby coloring on the wall for the few seconds she didn't just walk around with the crayon in her mouth.

We got pedicures! Well, I got a manicure and the girls got pedicures. They had gone in earlier in the week with Auntie Danielle who got them manicures so we went back for the pedicures. Ruby even got star treatment with a pedicure (hot pink polish!) of her own. Ooh La la! Fancy Nancy's got nothing on us!

Oh yeah, and we got some cupcakes too. Decadent!

Estelle got to hang with her pal from the 2nd grade, Kaitlyn and Sienna went to visit her preschool teacher Shelly. Unfortunately, we weren't able to connect with her friend Ryan but next year we will! We also had a lot of down time, just hanging in the yard, reading, crafting and playing cards. The girls were both amazing and helpful and just plain enjoyable to be around.

Now, we've got Laura, Shawn and Sir Watts in town so we'll have some more updates soon!


Miguel said...

I love that we have our blogs. I get to see Ruby grow and learn! Wow, what changes. And still oh so cute!!!!!! Holy traveler. I wish I was west with you gals enjoying the summer. I may have to start my own playgroup here on We go to the library 2x's a week for storytime (free), but I need to find more interactive activities for Marcos. I'm looking into Gymboree. It costs, but I think its going to have to work for at least 1x a week. I looked into a music class but we decided against it b/c it falls on library day. Plus he needs activity...I miss you guys!!!!!!

Jake and Olivia's mom said...

The last time I saw Estelle and Sienna, they were like three and five! Wow, they look like "tweens" now!