Wednesday, July 16, 2008


No, not the same as Ca-CAW that I posted about earlier. This has nothing to do with birds and everything to do with poop. Ruby has learned this word and uses it for a variety of things. It has a slightly different inflection when she is using it in reference to birds so it can be confusing. Last week, after getting our girlies off on their airplane, Ruby began saying "caca" over and over. When I got back to the car and got her out of the Ergo, lo and behold, she had a FULL diaper. Wow - she can now tell when she's got a dirty diaper AND she tells me. Cool! Potty training may be closer than I thought. The downside is that I have to figure out when she's saying caca in reference to her diaper, about birds or about something that's yucky. Through complete fault of my own, I have confused issues by saying something is "caca" to let her know she shouldn't touch the trash and diaper pail. She also knows that the toilet is where the caca goes so she says that when she sees a toilet too. A couple of days ago I had thrown away about 5 pieces of stale Pirate Booty (aka baby crack) into the newly emptied (thank goodness) kitchen trash. I heard a delighted crow of "Caca!" and turned around just in time to see her shove the aforementioned pirate booty in her mouth. Sigh... clearly the word does not serve as a deterrent. Time to use a different word and clear this up. And in a related story, I am told that yesterday she doing the caca routine to her dad and he said, "Do you have some poop?" and lifted her up to do the sniff test (come on, we all do it) and just as he got her up to his face she exclaimed, "Oh yeah!" Looks like she's got our sense of humor too. Good grief. What are we in for? This could get interesting!

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Jooolie said...

According to my mother's notebook, "Caca" was my first word. Let us rejoice in Caca!