Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Goes Hollywood

Ruby and I and Auntie Christine took off last weekend for a trip to Los Angeles to visit our dear friends, Susana and Antonio. S and A are from Spain and living in LA this summer. They've got two dear little ones, a 5 year old girl and a 16 month old boy -- both aDORable! It was a delightful and relaxing little trip for us and we had lots of fun!

We arrived on Thursday evening around 11 pm. Ruby did GREAT on the plane with the exception of about the last hour. She had a supreme melt down due to being completely over tired and up waaaay past her bedtime. We were sitting directly behind the curtain dividing us from the fancy pants in First Class so they got to experience her cries right up close. All I could do was laugh because nothing seemed to be working. Luckily, this darling flight attendent (Holla Daniel!) who had bright white teeth and curly black hair, was very good with children all he had to do was look at Ruby and she stopped crying. He even made her a little shaker with two cups, some tape and some stir sticks. Of course, as soon as he walked away, Ruby was off again. I took her for a walk down the aisle to the other end of the cabin and with the change of scenery she calmed down enough to completely pass out for the rest of the flight.


On our first day, we went to the beach in Santa Monica and walked around, had a coffee and rode the Carousel. Ruby did not enjoy the ride so much and kept trying to jump off the horse. However, she did give the horse lots of kisses when we got off and she loved watching the merry-go-round from afar. After our siesta we went to the Santa Monica Promenade and walked around, seeing the sights and people watching. Ruby looved the music and all of the bright lights.


The next day we put on our tourist caps and went over to Hollywood to check out the stars and the theater. It was really cool to see the stuff that you always see on tv! I now feel fulfilled as a human being - ha ha ha! We then all piled into the cars and headed over to Orange County to visit Auntie Christine's sister, Sindy and her husband Tom and their adorable german shorthair pointer puppy, Maynard. Ruby luuuuurved Maynard even though she didn't not enjoy the licking part so much. Also, she was a little bummed out when he body checked her in the backyard...but she recovered with no trouble. In fact, following that incident, the next time Maynard came barrelling towards her, she crouched down, preparing to brace herself. No fear!
We left on Sunday after a scrumptious breakfast and Ruby had a nap on the plane and we were home again. It was super fun travelling with Auntie Christine and we thank our hosts, Susana & Antonio and Sindy and Tom for making our trip so wonderful!
And now the pictures!

At the beach

Ruby and Mario

Ruby tries to blow bubbles with Malena (but really she was eating the soap)

Ruby giving Maynard some lovin'

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