Saturday, July 26, 2008

18 Months

How can it be that our little chiclet is now 18 months old and officially a toddler? Well, she is as of July 31. She had her well-baby check up a little early and here are the stats: Height: 30 inches - 5th Percentile Weight: 20.1 lbs - 10th percentile Head Circ: ???? I think the height is a little off since I can't see how it's possible she hasn't actually gotten taller when her pants are all too short. But look at that -- she's hit the 20 lb mark FINALLY! Whoo hoo! She wanted nothing to do with that head measuring nonsense (kept telling the nurse "Ooow!" as though she were sticking her with pins) nor would she allow the nice doctor to look in her ears. Other than that, she was pretty sweet and no shots were needed so that was nice. Now we don't go back until she's 2. Crazy!! Way to grow up Little Button!

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