Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trip Part I

Ok, sorry so long since the last post but it's been a whirlwind so there's lots to tell! Ruby had a WONDERFUL time with Grandma and Papa back East. She had her first trip to Fenway, ate lots of strawberry ice cream and learned a couple new words. Word on the street is that the folks back there thought she was pretty darn fun too. Dustin and Ruby left Boston at 6am Eastern time and arrived in Seattle at 3:30 Pacific Time. I arrived at the airport and Dustin handed me the diaper bag, Ruby's suitcase and of course, Ruby. Ruby gave me a huge smile and just wanted to snuggle me for like 15 minutes. So sweet! After we said hi to each other, visited for a bit and checked me and Ruby in, we said good-bye to Dustin and Ruby and I headed off to Idaho. Whew! Needless to say, the girl was a tad knackered. Even so she was in pretty good spirits. She would say "HI!" and wave everytime one of those airport cars drove by. I found out that she says, "Wa wa" when she wants water. She slept for the first leg and was awake for the 2nd. She only had about 15 minutes where she was just done and over it. Amy picked us up at the airport and we got to her parents house at around midnight. Instead of just going to bed, we had to stay up and visit for a bit. After being on airplanes all day, girl was ready to play! But we finally got her to bed and that's when I discovered that she had a new word: "Night night!" That was just the cutest thing ever! The next day, Amy and I took the kiddos to a Terrific Twos storytime at the library...the same library that Amy and I raided week after week when we were kids. It was fun getting to experience storytime from the other side :-) Here they are enjoying themselves:

It was super hot over there in SE Idaho so later that afternoon we headed over to the mall (gasp!) where they have a little playground in air conditioning. Delightful! Here are the kiddos in their matching carseats. How cute is that? Amy and I spent the whole day together, catching up and watching Ruby and Jack play. Ruby was pretty tired still from her journey the day before so she was more clingy than normal. She was also very intent on what she was doing. At one point, Jack tried to give her a hug and she gave him the backhanded shove. Busy busy girl, too busy for hugs. Don't worry Jack, she does the same thing to me! It was so fun watching them play! Then, I headed over to my parents' house and caught up with everyone there. When Estelle and Sienna got there, it was like the scene in Gone With the Wind where Scarlett is surrounded by suitors....only in this case it was Ruby surrounded by adoring cousins. Even Uncle Cooper got in on the action! Ruby and I slept in the back bedroom and Ruby insisted on playing the chimes in the hallway every time. We also went out for Indian food one evening and she grubbed it up! Who knew the girl would like curry?

More to come! Stay tuned......

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