Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dogs, Father's Day and a Little Bit of Tenderness

So, Ruby loooves the dogs. She likes cats to be sure but she gets especially excited when she sees dogs. When she sees one, she'll often tap on the floor like she's seen her Auntie Kathy do with Shorty. She laughs and will let the dog in question lick her face and she'll put her face up to it and snuggle it. A couple of days ago, she picked up this board book with pictures of dogs in it and started snuggling each page. We may need to get a dog someday! Last weekend Ruby and I took a trip to Tacoma for the yard sale at our pal Caryl's house. After hanging there at her new awesome house, me and Auntie Christine and Ruby perused some of the other yard sales in the 'hood. At one, we found a little baby doll stroller for a quarter and for Ruby it has been love at first sight. She's been pushing that thing around the house with her Tu Nene baby all week.
Those babies are the same size!
Ruby seems to have learned a whole bunch of new stuff in the past week. She definitely understands me, even in Spanish, which is really cool. When she sees the toilet, trash can or when I am changing her diaper, she says "Ca ca!" She is really good at drinking out of a cup and we pretty much use that at mealtime now. She especially likes drinking tomato soup out of her cup! She pats her leg to get the cat to come to her like she's seen me do and to watch her read "Pat the Bunny" is hilarious! She does every single motion for the page FAST and then we get to start over again. Oh and she tried to clean my ears with q-tips a few days ago. Makes me realize that she's really really paying attention to what is going on around her. I mean..I know that intellectually but to see it being played out is really really cool. Ruby also has no problem letting you know if she isn't happy and will throw herself on the floor in an out and out fit. I had no idea that the rubber bones stage happened so soon!
Oh yes, and summer means Summer Reading time! I signed her up at the library and we finished our 10 books. Here's what we read: "Happy, Day!", "Green Hat, Blue Hat," "Where is My Mama?", "Big Plans," "Buenas Noches Luna," "El Cuento de Ferdinando," "Bedtime Bear," "Moo Baa La La La," "Skippy John Jones," and "The Going to Bed Book." She now has her certificate - yahoo!
Check out my teeth!
Father's Day was last weekend and it was a pretty lovely little day, considering. For was a little bit off to tell the truth. All day long I kept thinking I needed to call my dad....and then I'd remember that..oh yeah... AT&T, despite having "more bars everywhere," does not in fact have a service area for the dead. So, I just thought about my dad a lot and sent him a big thank you and an I love you and hoped it reached him somehow. I then told Ruby how lucky SHE was to have such a great dad and that she has some really awesome grandpas as well. She grinned at my while I was telling her this so I think she understood. :-) Now, if only they would make an appreciation day for all of the aunties, uncles and other 'family' members that make such a big difference in a child's life, we'd be good. I think I'll just designate a day myself!
Dustin played softball most of the day so Ruby and I hung out outside and got a little gardening done. Then we all met up over at Tia Monica and Uncle Steve's house where we had a big ol bbq with all of their families. THAT was really fun and really nice. Once again, I feel so fortunate to have such awesome and genuinely cool and nice people in our life. Aaand we are soooo excited for M and S and their upcoming bambino slated to make an appearance in December. Yah!

So, tomorrow Dustin and Ruby are off to the East coast to visit Papa and Grandma and I'll be here by my lonesome doing god knows what. I think that it's going to be good for Dustin and Ruby to go off on their own and it'll definitely be good for me to have some time by myself...I don't even remember what that's like so it might also be a little freaky. Plus, I know that Papa and Grandma are going to have SO much fun with her. When they get back, then Ruby and I jet off to my sister's wedding so she'll be a well traveled baby. Whew!

That's all for now!

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