Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, 2/3 of my little family is off off to visit the Papa and Grandma and I am home wondering what the heck I am doing. Both times when I went out yesterday, I felt like I was forgetting I'd forgotten my pants or left the front door open. Weird feeling. However, that being said, I had some really quiet and nice moments that have left me feeling re-charged and I am feeling like I am getting some things done. Funnily, I am having this little internal war of "Gee it's so nice to be ALONE! No one's schedule but my own, no one's mess but my own (sorta)." And then it's "Gee, I miss those two and things are just not so fun without them around!" And then I feel guilty that I am not enjoying the time off or I feel guilty that maybe I am not missing them enough. Sigh..being a nutjob is hard hard work. So, I am focussing on not feeling guilty about ANY of it. Ha ha!- as Ruby would say. By all accounts they are having a lovely time. The trip out was a little hellish from what I hear but they survived and stuffed themselves with steak. Today they are off at the Red Sox game and I imagine that my little peanut is getting lots of ice cream licks from her Papa and millions of smooches from Grandma! Well, I am off to work on some of my many projects that are just clamoring for my attention. If they are successful, I shall post some pictures. If they are not...well, hopefully I will have enjoyed myself.

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