Friday, May 23, 2008

Sunshine! And Then Rain..

We had a glorious weekend, last week with temperatures in the 80's. Today, it's 60's and rainy. Such is life in the Northwest. . We spent a lot of time outdoors. I planted my garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peppers and Ruby played with her outdoor toys and loved splashing in the water. We also went to the street fair to see our good friends, The Small Change play. It was hot but there was good music and delicous food so who can ask for more than that? Ruby loved toddling around and has finally gotten used to walking in real shoes aka not Robeez. Some new things:
  • Ruby is learning to drink from a cup. Messy. Messy. But so cute.
  • She loves to snuggle her bear, her kitty and her baby.
  • Her favorite book to date is Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. For some reason it really cracks her up when you say "Oops!"
  • She's got 2 new teeth - one molar on each top side. Still only 3 front top and two front bottom though. This does mean that she now has more teeth than Shorty the dog! Sorry Shortround!

We've got lots of fun stuff planned for this summer -- For Ruby and daddy, a trip to New Hampshire, for me and Ruby a trip to Idaho and a trip to LA and for the whole family, a trip to Oregon. Good times!

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Jake and Olivia's mom said...

You need to get her a metal lunch pail to go with her bonnets! I love Little House on the Prarie!