Monday, May 26, 2008

Sun Bonnets

It's been a nice little weekend -- the weather wasn't as bad as predicted so we actually got some sun. Of course, I worked for part of it but even so it was all good. Last night, I got the sewing bug and stayed up late making Ruby a new sun bonnet. I love bonnets because they stay on, they shade her little face and they look so cute! Also, I just might be little obsessed with all things Little House in the Prairie. But whatever. I ordered the most adorable pattern from the angry chicken lady who I just love. The other little elfin hat that I made Ruby was one of her patterns as well. She rules! ANYway, here is the end result. It was so fun I can't wait to make another one! This one was a little too precious for me with all of the pink gingham and white ribbons so I sewed some little skull buttons on the sides which you can kind of see in the pictures.

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Otto's Mommy said...

Ruby is soo stinkin' cute! And're amazing with your sewin' thang! I'd love for Otto to look so cute, but he's in the stage where nothing will stay on his head for more than 2 seconds. Bust out the sunscreen. : ) Let's plan another play date!