Friday, May 2, 2008

15 Months

Hard to believe but Ruby is now 15 months old. Dang! So, she had her appointment this morning and all was well. Her stats? Well, I think we're going to need this t-shirt. She's 30 inches long (30th percentile) and 19lbs 11oz (10th percentile). That's right, despite her chubby little legs and endless appetite, she has yet to hit 20 pounds! The doctor said she's perfectly healthy so no concerns - she's just petite. So, Ruby must wait a little while longer to have her car seat flipped around. Oh well. Anyway, she got her one shot (without hardly a cry or squawk) and she picked out a little squeaky frog from the treasure box. All in all, a successful little appointment!
Ruby riding in her car Helping with the housework

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