Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visit From Grandma & Other Tales

We just finished up a really fun visit with Grandma Genie. She drove up bringing us all kinds of goodness (jelly, meat, bread, spaghetti sauce - mmmmm!) and we had lots of fun. She brought Ruby an adorable Strawberry Hat as you can see in the photos. Friday, after a fun trip to Trader Joe's , we prepped for our trip to Skagit Valley. Side note: Ruby is/was still in the bucket convertible car seat but it was clear that we were going to need to do some research and get a new, bigger one very very soon) I went to move Ruby's car seat to my mom's car and for some reason, the car seat became hopelessly jammed in the base. What the? I tried unhooking the seatbelt. Big mistake as the belt then also became wedged in there somewhere. I spent a good 15 minutes sweating, cursing and grunting trying to get that $#%^&^% carseat out of the car, and then I gave up. I drove over to Target, looked at their teeny tiny selection, grabbed one that looked good and wasn't too too pricey and headed home. Got home. No instructions in the box. None. No idea how to put the darn thing in the car. Back to Target to get another carseat and return the first one. Sweating profusely now. Really irritated. Put carseat in car following instructions. Not strong enough to tighten belt. Really sweating, really irritated and lots of bad words coming out of my mouth. Asked neighbor to help with carseat as he's much stronger. More bad words..finally it's in. Seat is ramrod straight up and down. How do you recline it? BY UNLATCHING THE *&%$&%$& thing and taking it out of the car!! Ok, finally...seat is in, it's tight (thank you thank you Tyler!) and Miss Ruby has a ugly brown monstrosity of a seat with a cup holder (really? A cup holder?) to ride in style and her mom has a new wrinkle named Evenflo. We are really really going to have to get a different one at some point because I can't see how moving this one from car to car is even a possibility. Ok ok, aside from that blip, the rest of the day and visit with Grandma were wonderful. Ruby enjoyed getting her good night story and last tuck-in of the day from Grandma and all of the extra snuggles and tickles. Some new stuff: She thinks it is HYSTERICAL when you wave your hand in front of your face and say "Pee-U!" She is sooooo close to walking. Grandma got her this neat pushing toy (kind of like the corn popper but wood) from Ikea and she will push it along without any other human help. It's much like Dumbo's magic feather. Soon she will realize she doesn't need it and she and Timothy can go walking all over together. Her words are definitely "cat" and "dog" and she loves them both. She is surprisingly gentle for an almost 15 month old and I often find her hugging Saffron. One day I'll get a picture. Seeing dogs always elicits a squeal and laugh. She's really active but at the same time, sometimes I will find her just sitting and looking through a book. Last night she fell asleep with her face on a book. More proof that she is my child :-) Well, that's the scoop for now. Looking forward to some more spring weather, a visit from the Watts contingent and a visit from Stellie and Sienna. Yay!

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