Thursday, April 17, 2008


This morning, Ruby woke up covered head to toe in hives. At first I just noticed it on her face. We thought maybe she'd been bit by something but then it got worse -- she looked like she'd been beat up! Then, when I pulled off her jammies to change her diaper I saw that she had a red rash all over her legs, armpits and arms. It soon spread to her belly. Since she didn't seem to act sick and wasn't having any trouble breathing, I wasn't too worried that she was in danger, just worried about what was going on and why. She hadn't eaten anything she hasn't eaten a million times before or gone anywhere new...a mystery.
We got in to see our doctor and she, at first, thought Ruby had been bitten by a dog because her face looked so bad. She recommended we go see an allergist so that's on the calendar later next month and prescribed some benadryl so hopefully that will work. Sigh...poor little monkey.
Here are some pictures so you can see what she looks like. Thankfully, as you can see by the pictures, she doesn't seem to affected by it.

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